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> Issue 61 > Page 83 - "The Exodus" A Selection from stephen J. Hornsby's New Book: Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton: A Historical Geography

Page 83 - "The Exodus" A Selection from stephen J. Hornsby's New Book: Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton: A Historical Geography

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (201 reads)

chance in this country. A young man free from family cares coming here can generally make a comfortable living if steady and a trades? man. Clerks, book-keepers and people looking for "soft snaps" had better stay home or go to "Boston," this is no country for such. Apart from news about employment, information about friends and accommodation was sent back. From Victoria, Vancouver Island, J.H. McDougall, formerly of North Sydney, reported meeting "several Cape Breton boys from the 'old sod' from Low Point to Lochlomond, from Gabarus to Judique," and he recommended that those looking for lodgings in Victoria should contact "Mrs. Langley formerly of Sydney [who] is con? ducting a nice private boarding house on Pandora St., where all Cape Breton folks will receive a genuine welcome...." Some emigrants also retumed home, visiting friends and family and keeping them informed of places hundreds and perhaps thousands of miles away. In 1889, the North Sydney Herald re? ported that "a number of our Boularderie 'Boys' who have been for the past few years in the Westem States, where they have been successful in accumulating the 'hard flint' are daily expected home." Such men were respected. "A SUCCESSFUL CAPE BRETONIAN VISITS HIS FRIENDS," proclaimed the Herald m May 1887: "Mr. Angus Campbell, of Silver City, New Mexico, U.S. is on a visit to his friends at Mabou." After leaving Cape Breton in 1867, Campbell had been a miner in Califomia and Colorado before settling in New Mexico, where he purchased "a large tract of land com? prising 1,500,000 acres," which he stocked with 30,000 head of cat? tle and 500 horses. Whether or not Campbell exagger? ated the size of his new operation to impress the Island? ers, the newspaper was impressed: "It always gives us pleasure to note the success of Cape Bretonians abroad." The Herald proudly concluded that "Mr. Campbell may be classed among the most successful." More often obituaries were sent home, poignant reminders of a young son's emigration and death in a far-off mine or logging camp.... The exodus of Cape Breton miners during the 1880s was so great that whole communities on the Island could be touched by a mining disaster thousands of miles away. The ex? plosion at Nanaimo mines in 1887 killed six from Cape Breton: "William B. Campbell, a native of Cape Breton, aged 21 years, single. William Hoyt, native of Sydney Mines...aged 21 years, leaves wife and child.... Michael Corcoron, a native of County Kerry, Ireland, recently of Sydney Mines...aged 36 years; wife and six children. Malcolm McLean, native of Sydney Mines... aged 31 years, single. Roderick McDonald, native of Cape Bre? ton, aged 37 years; wife and child." Occasionally, bodies were retumed, at least from Boston, for burial in Cape Breton, while family gravestones in Island cemeteries recorded those buried elsewhere. 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