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Page 87 - Fr. Charles Murphy and Hong Kong

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (163 reads)

phan girls in Stanley billeted in one of my Chinese friends' homes. I had another friend of mine billeted in another, with his family of beautiful children. I can say now that frankly I was worried, with the soldiers directly in front of us, all over the hills. Anyway, they didn't know that when I was making my rounds that eve? ning, it was under constant fire from the snipers in the hills. I wasn't foolish, but I did realize that these people were depending on me. and I knew that I was do? ing not my own work, but the work of God, and He would protect me. He did, and is continuing to do so. "That night (Christmas Eve) it seemed that all Hell had let loose.... Early on Christmas morning they came in on us, or? dered us to stop our Masses and to come to the main hallway of the building, where they placed us on one side and the Chinese servants and coolies on the other. They began their search for soldiers and arms. Our stores were ransacked, our vestments trodden upon, and our sa? cred vessels desecrated. "A dying soldier wanted me to help him to the bath? room, and upon our return our guard, speaking with his fellow gendarme, came up to me, tore off my cas? sock, and there I W'''i-/' -'A'' ' SO,MY FRIEfVP, YOU TROUete OS ' k NO tONGeR.WlTH YOUR CITTLe TRUCK! AnP FATHCR MORPHVfe WORDS AR' NOT IN vain! THERC Will ALWAYS BE THOSE TO ='' CARRY ON CHRIST'S WORK WHCRe OTHERS _/" . leAVe OFF. IT WILL 6C NO STRAN6e SI6HT '=' TO THOSe WHO KNOW HIM TO see, ONCe A6AIN eeFORe THIS WAR IS OVPR, A • '' BATTeReP TRUCK, LAPEN WITH RCUCF FOR 'ij' -- THe SUFFCRING, WHIZZING AL0N6 SOMC- /'- WHCRe ON A MISSION OF MCRCY WITH • =*' FAIHCR CHARLES MURPHy AT THC WHCec. T0/.=' HIM, ANO THOSC ciKe HIM THROUOHOUT THE ' WORLD, THIS STORY IS siNce?eLy-0f;j5 _ UPPED ' CLEMENT' RDK 1993 Theme Weekends from May through September wiU start with: May 22, 23, 24 Spring Fling Eggciting games and contests, and a Maypole dance May 29 & 30 Mile-Long Yard Sale Fun for both buyers and sellers June 3 & 4 School Days For all School Groups June 5 & 6 Green Weekend "Build a Bird Feeder" Contest A Froggy Frolic June 12 & 13 Sing for Your Supper Talent contest: Sync on Saturday, Sing on Sunday June 19 & 20 Fancy Feet Festival Dance groups, troupes and classes June 26 & 27 Storybook Weekend Visit by Mother Goose Free Admission Pay as You Play 25 Acres of... Rides • Craft Shops Attractions • Eateries • Entertainment • Connection to Wildlife Park 5 Minutes from historic Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia On Route 1, along the Evangeline Trail in the beautiful Annapolis Valley SPEND A DAY OUR WAY STAY OVER AND SEE MORE... • Historic Gardens • Fort Anne • Bird Watching • Hiking Trails SUMMER SEASON 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. May 22 - June 20: Open Weekends June 26 - September: Open Daily To end of September: Open Weekends For More Information Phone 902-532-7557 1-800-565-PARK (Atlantic Canada) P. O. Box 99 Clementsport, N. S. BOS lEO
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