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Page 64 - Visit with Will Pringle, Richmond County

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1 (177 reads)

you know, and highwaymen and so on, coun? try roads. So, they weren't too far out of Port Hawkesbury heading this way--narrow dirt road--when they looked back and they saw three men walking behind them. Coming faster than they were. So they kept on. Allan (told me), "Your Aunt Mary was stepping along pretty lively. We were making pretty good time. But these men caught up to us." And they had heard rumours of people being held up, you see. So they were kind of skeptical. He said these three men passed. What frightened him, he said, was that one of the men glanced over. And it was a very fine, clear night, so you could hear. And when they went apiece, he said, "Yes, those are the two. That's the fellow that got off the boat." And what was more frightening, Allan said, was that they went along apiece and they separated. Two went on one side into the woods, and one on the other. And Aunt Mary said, "I'm going to screech! I'm going to screech!" And he said, "No. No screech? ing," he said. "But you just watch on one side and I'll watch on the other." And with that, he said, he had been out in the mines in Butte, Montana, in the gunfighting days. And he had bought a six-shooter--revolver that would shoot six shot, you know. And he had practised, he said. He could shoot quite well with it. And he took it out. And the barrel shone in the moonlight, he said. And he waved it around and said, "I've got 6 shots here," he said, "and you fellows try to hold me up," he said, "or hold us up or rob us," he said, "and one or two of you'll go down before I will." And he said he said it good and loud, yelled it loud and clear. And there was si? lence. And they passed. He said, "I was just like walking on thin ice." They passed this place, and nobody came out. And, he said, "We went on our way. In the morning we ar? rived at home," he said, "and I was glad to get home safe and sound." That was some of the experiences they had. So all the stories about the highwaymen and so on, I guess some of them are quite true. "I took the road less travelled by ...and that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost Richmond County *s Route 4 I The convenience of modem accommodations in the charm of an historic village at INN ON THE CANAL St. Peter's 20 Motel Units Licensed Dining Lounge • Cable T.V. BEACHES FISHING • GOLFING HISTORIC SITES Come visit us at the Inn where the only thing we overlook is the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes! Box 9, St. Peter's, N. S. BOE 3B0 > 1-800-535-2200 [ SPECIALIZING IN HOME-STYLE COOKING Parker's RESTAU Sunday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday & Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. FULLY LICENSED • 535-2405 • FAMILY DINING St. Peter's Functional Stoneware and Custom Dinnerware Turnstone Pottery WHEELTHROWN Studio and Showroom on the Harbour 226-3004 Arichat on Jack Ouellette, Potter ISlC Madame s/'hco ' Country Living at Its Best! On the Shore of the Bras d'Or Lake 1 mile east of ST. PETERS MOTEL P.O. Box 193, & COTTAGES IS'' Single Cottages • 2-Bedroom Housekeeping Cottages • Motel JOYCE'S Motel & Cottages • 002) 535-2404 The Violin Shop Johannes Sturm VloUnmaker/repairer Quality Repairs to String Instruments Custom Work Bow Rehairing New and Used Instruments Strings Accessories For information or appointment, call (902) 345-2883 R. R. 1, Grand Anse, Richmond County, N. S. BOE 1VO ST. PETER'S on Highway 4 Home cooking country-styk with the gourmet touch ??f Specializing in Fresh Seafood Recommended by '''S''/ Phone (902) 535-2997 • REASONABLE RATES • Hosts: Arden & Michaeleen Moffard A wonderful place to live, work, visit, & invest!
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