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> Issue 14 > Page 6 - Fishing Gaspereaux on the SW Margaree

Page 6 - Fishing Gaspereaux on the SW Margaree

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1 (497 reads)

everything. The ice only left the lake that year the 20th of May and the 2lst we had a heavy rain and the ice leaving the lake and it flooded and just cleaned ything completely, jmy trap that on the river. And the fish struck the next day. And we had no alternative but to try and we had good fishing for 10 days • but it was murder on the arms. You imagine when you're dipping in a tr 1 - .1' js ot Gerard Chiasson's trap, the most elaborate one on the river. Construc? tion work is done from a flat-bottomed boat anchored above and held out in "the river by a man on shore pushing with a pole. The bottom here is slate, and for each jjost he must first break the slate with a bar and a mallet, loosening the bar as he works through. Then under the rushing water he has to slip the post into the hole as the bar is removed • or he'll lose the hole and have to start again, Poles brace the posts and are anchored back to the shore. The leads go in under terrific pressure and once in the stay for the season. Wire is not used so the leads won't catch debris. To the right, Malcolm and John MacLellan are seen cleaning their leads. Cattle Court i'tsitaurant and Minstrel Lounge FULLY LISCENCED QAM to12PM Cape Breton Shopping Plaza #? • ''' LIMITED ''' ' PLUMBING - HEATING t> ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ' • OIL BURNER SALES & SERVICE • AIR CONDITIONING & VENTIUTING SYSTEMS • MAYTAG APPLIANCES FREE ESTIMATES 539-6200 TELEX 019-39213 885 VICTORIA ROAD SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA
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