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Page 18 - Percy Peters: The Horse in the Well

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1 (325 reads)

No, we were going to. I'll get to that. (Oh, a pulley?) Yeah. Oh, it's a chain pull. You get the 2-ton, ton, or what. So anyway, by gracious, then we'd have to get another log. We could only take a lift from where he was, when we got a rope down ''''mm'''''''mmmm' around him, down in v*' I the well, it'd have X' Ji0liZ't7i I "'' ??0 around his f '''J' '??'""'"??'" I front feet, and l,'Jr i, 'U GEORGES P17.7A I ' W/* Kv'MRAXT I around, and tied--we -~' "" -'' "couldn't put a slip? knot on 'cause it'd squeeze the ribcage in, such his weight. He was a horse At Giorgio & Lun, we specialize in Italian and Chinese food. Choose from either, or if your tastes are exotic, mix and match from our special combinations! • Greek and Canadian items also available • Open daily 4 p.m. Offering you a world of fine food! 536 George St., Sydiiej' (Across from Centre 200) For take-out & delivery call 539-8066 weighed around 1700, little more, like. So by gracious, one of the boys: "Look. Bob Pierce has a front-end loader up there." He was work? ing with Stairs Son & Morrow. And my broth? er was his boss, out of Halifax. "He's got a 950 loader there." "Go in to the phone," I said, "and call him." And boy, wasn't it lucky he was home. "I'll be right down." Oh, was it lucky he was home. He came down with the loader. We still had to go get a 6-by-6 to put across here, see. You couldn't take him up with one lift. You'd have to change the length of your ropes, see. You had to lower your rope down. I had to go down in the well. And I was afraid he'd start to get excited and he'd hit me with the front feet. But he was jammed, and he was getting--I would say the legs were getting numb while he was there, eh. He was squeezed in it--the weight of him going down. Anyway, we got the 6-by-6 and he landed with the loader. And by gosh, we were lucky we had those good stout ropes. And I went down. Another fellow came with me-- one of my sons. Went down, and we got the rope, passed it over to me under his front legs. We had to stand on the stones, like this, in the wall of the well, you see. And he passed, and they got around--"Now," I said, "we can't put a slipknot on. We'll have to take it around, come in behind the withers. And we'll have to make a knot so it won't draw." Well, we got a big good knot fashioned. And he lowered the bucket down, put it on a tooth (of the bucket). And he tipped the bucket back. And it started up easy. We got out of the hole, of course. And he got her up. When we got him up so far, we had to have another rope around him to tie on the crosspiece here to hold him while we changed our lift--changed our lead for a lift. Well, that all worked out. We made that, tied them there, made the new, and lifted it over to the ground. Storefronts • Automatic Entrances • Commercial Windows EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE • Thermo Insulated Units • Aluminum Entrances • Glass Replacement • Caulking Repairs Custom Glass • Door Hardware • Weatherstripping • Replacement Stained Glass YOUR GLASS 539-3682 serving all SPECIALISTS FAX 562-0077 2fJ"S -,11) SYDNEY ISLAND I
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