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> Issue 64 > Page 31 - Annie Battiste: a Mi'Kmaq Family History

Page 31 - Annie Battiste: a Mi'Kmaq Family History

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1 (336 reads)

the wood floorboards till they were nearly white again. She would be sent down time after time as was needed to help out her uncle and his wife. Annie had a lot of friends and enjoyed visiting with her friends. The reserve was not large but walking from house to house at a great distance from one another often required people to find a place to sleep for the night and then head home in the morning. She often visited and slept over at her friend's house. Young girls often did silly fun things. One night after Maltikle'wimk Vacation in Louisbourg! I''i Environment Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park Operating Hours: June and September 9:30 to 5:00 July and August 9:00 to 6:00 Pre-Season and General Information 733-3100 Ash Wednesday. Left: John Battiste in uniform. Above: Annie, Annie and ner the ciiildren, and a brother-in-law. friends Annieti- na and Leste'l ate salted pancakes. They then went to bed and, as was required, they could not speak to each other until morning when they would tell their dreams. Their dream should foretell who they would marry and would prophesize the life they would have by the man who would give them a drink and by the kind of cup used to give her a drink. If it was a cup of fine china they would have a good prosperous life. If the cup was broken or chipped, they would lead a troubled, poor life. Leste'l wanted to play, not sleep, but the girls kicked her to tell her to go to sleep since they were not allowed to talk. In the Take Route 22 Out of Sydney BAR & GRILL LTD. 'Tn'f.S?'" LOUISBOURG iio? Vnm 733-2333 • 9 Aberdeen St. " nm " 7 om LOUNGE HOURS 11 am - 2 am, 6 days a week ' SUNDAYS: Grill 2 - 7 pm • Lounge 2 pm - 2 am Weekend Entertainment From the Sea: - Fresh Sole, Chips, Tartar Sauce - $4.95 Off the Grili: - 8 oz. Striploin served with potato, veg., roll - $5.95 = 'QUAY CRAFT Si GIFT SHOP • Local Crafts • Marine Souvenirs • Books • Jewellery • Tapes • CD's • Large Selection of Crested T-Shirts & Caps 1360 Main St. g.iJjmi.nilJiMUIJJ'l ''''CHMORE LOUISBOURG ??'liiiwiiir • laai 733-2936 We take pride in our fine quality and friendly service! TOWN DAIRY "The Biggest Littie Store in Town" 1290 Main Street • Louisbourg • 733-2212 Groceries • Gifts & Supplies • Souvenirs • Lottery Tickets Camera Supplies & Developing • Health Care Products Video Machines & Rentals • Dry Cleaners • Florist SEARS Outlet • Camping Supplies • 990 Ice OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Q All Tourists: Drop in & get a free local post card! ) Louisbourg! From the Old Town to the New
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