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> Issue 64 > Page 32 - Annie Battiste: a Mi'Kmaq Family History

Page 32 - Annie Battiste: a Mi'Kmaq Family History

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1 (412 reads)

Visiting Eleanor at the Indian Residential School in Shubenacadie morning when they woke, Annie's mother asked what she dreamed. "Nothing," she lied. Later when she was with her friends she relayed her dream. How crazy it was! The others reported having no dream, but Annie dreamed that her brother Mattie's best friend, John Battiste, had given her a drink. And the cup--it was made of birch- bark, rolled up in a cone. John Battiste was a young boy of 11 or 12 at the time, much younger than Annie, and the thought was too funny and ridiculous to imagine! Annie had several boyfriends in her time, but probably not one more patient than Richard Nevins who courted her for over 5 years. Often he asked her to marry him, but Annie at the age of 15 said she was too young and had to wait till she was 18. At 18 again he asked for her to marry him. She again said she was too young and when she was 21, he again asked and she said no. Fi? nally, realizing that this young woman had no plans for marriage, he told her that he had to find a wife as he was getting on in age too. They parted and soon after he found a new girlfriend and they were married. Annie's brother Mattie was married in 1938 to Martha Paul. He was 25 years old. Martha was 17. One year later in 1939, Annie's mother Harriet Lewis died. Annie Lewis continued to live with her brother and his new wife and their young daughter in the little house that their father had fixed up. In 1941, Annie had her first experience with sex, an event that led to the conception and birth of her daughter Marie Eleanor. Her boyfriend at the time soon left afterward and joined the service and was sent overseas. When he saved a young man's life in Holland, the family offered one of the daughters as a gift for the son's life. And he came home with a Dutch bride. One evening in 1943, Annie was walking down the old road of Chapel Island toward the wharf during the annual mission. She met up with Mattie's old friend John Battiste who asked her if she had a date that night. Coyly, she answered no and (he) began walk? ing with her. Such was the beginning of their romance, and that November 26th, they were married. Their only son was born on June 27, 1944, named and registered Douglas at birth, a name Annie always liked. When he was brought home, her sister-in-law and father John took him to be baptized at the nearby church. Children were baptized early in case of sickness. When they returned, Annie was informed that the baby was bap? tized Thomas Leo, Thomas after John's fa? ther and Leo after the priest who said that that would make him a good boy. Centralization was a period that began in the early '40s, when the federal govern- Take Route 22 Out of Sydney to the World of Louisbourg Louisbourg Pharmacy" • A Local Pharmacy Serving Your Needs • Providing complete drug store needs, including: Prescription Service ''"1' Health & Beauty Aids Greeting Cards V"'/ First Aid Supplies Baby Supplies , ' & Sundries Monday to Friday f ' Saturday 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. L J 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. 1360 Main Street • Louisbourg 733-2160 c 'On Saturday, prescriptions filled up to 1 p.m. ONLY j Sanjiv Maindiratta, phannacist FORTRESS ViEW RESTAURANT FORTRESS VIEW RESTAURANT Specializing in: • Lobster in season • Bras d'Or Trout • Scallops • Haddock • Clams • Sole Steaks • Turkey • Ham • Chowders • Chops Sandwiches • both hot & cold 7513 Main St. • LOUISBOURG • 733-3009 ?? WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE ? ( Open M'ycar Ijpund Scrvin/} Home, Cool<:ed 9'eals) Ltd. Stevens' General Store (FOUNDED IN 1914) Main Street • LOUISBOURG • 733-2060 The Store with Almost Everything! Fresh Meats • Fresh Fish - including Lobster Fresh Produce • Hardware Complete Line of Groceries Ice • Film • Camping Supplies • 6/49 Louisbourg! From the Old Town to the New
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