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> Issue 65 > Page 55 - D.R. Boyle of West Arichat from a Richmound County Diary, 1887

Page 55 - D.R. Boyle of West Arichat from a Richmound County Diary, 1887

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (321 reads)

better than 30, but it is prime. Got most of garden fenced. To Arichat and paid some bills. Sunday, Dec. 4: Fine. Fr. B. on sacraments. Went with him to Girroir's in evening. Fr. Quinan & Laford down. Sent McGillivray to write re Mrs. B's. Monday, Dec. 5: Dull. Appearance of storm. Have used up all marsh and straw feed. Wish 1 had prairie hay down. Began cutting up and salting meat. Tuesday, Dec. 6: Dull. Finished garden fence and salted meat and laid hen? house foundations. Was at Wid. Alex Forest's last night endeavouring to make peace between the two sisters, and of all the noise, loud talk, bawling, crying, etc. that night took the cake. Got warrant of distress out and delivered to Constable. Wednesday, Dec. 7: Dull and colder. No snow yet. Got beef salted, drain cleaned out and gate post fixed. Must try to fix fence in front and get a gate put there tonight. Have also to secure well against frost some? what better. Must go to Arichat tomorrow to see Shaw about the six dollars he claims is due Desire. Thursday, Dec. 8: Fine. Got sick about midnight with dysentry and physicked in morning. Friday, Dec. 9: Dull. Sick all day • got piles again. Saturday, Dec. 10: Fine. Sick all day with cramps, etc. Sunday, Dec. 11: Sick. Monday, Dec. 12: Fine. Sick Tuesday, Dec. 13: Rain. Sick. Wednesday, Dec. 14: Fine. Better • dysentry stopped, piles easing. During all the time lots coming to see me, particularly his reverence. Hector, Remi, Desire, Grouchy, etc. Made up two recipes for piles • oak bark tan and tar and hog's lard and lead. The latter has affected complete cures in several instances. Thursday, Dec. 15: Fine. Reopened school. My legs don't seem to be my own. Sent Billings two dollars in full for Martell's. Must send Doyle his eight today. Paid McAskill $30.00. Must pay Peter Poirier at least ten and try to get as much for Siloury. Friday, Dec. 16: Rain. Ground fire from frost. Wrote a deed for Ellas Forest. Mailed Webb's letter. Heifer in calf certain. Feel much better though piles are still present, but easing. Wrote to Dick, Young and Delorey about Martell's. Hope they'll be scared into paying. Mailed Doyle $8.00 and Dorey's two notes neglecting to credit him with $5.00 irv one of them. Hooped up some tubs. Sat? urday, Dec. 17: Raining. Did a lot of fixing up about barn, well and house. Gave Mury his wire. Believe there is more to come. Sunday, Dec. 18: Dull. Had a trip to woods. Reported that Babin is cutting my wood but fear Mury worst. Monday, Dec. 19: Dull and rainy. Not much hay used yet and satisfied so far. Tuesday, Dec. 20: Dull. No butter in all Ari? chat. Feel all right except a touch of piles which are improving. Dec. 21: Fine. Mury gone to Arichat and brought down 739# wire: 290 for himself and balance for Benoit. No B/L yet of said wire. To Port Royal to pf. Cleary's and wrote deed and B/S, charging $1.50. This leaves me $3.50 still indebted to Cleury. Have to write at least three more deeds this winter. Must WE'RE PROUD TO SHARE... Scottish and Acadian Festivals Hiking trails, picnic and camping parks Museums and heritage The warmest waters north of the Carolinas! Cottage crafts and works of art The Cape Breton highlands National Park Fresh and salt water fishing Horse racing, canoeing, and other sports Fine accommodations, gift shops Restaurants Wildlife Requests for Visitor's Guide, brochures, and general information may be made to: Inverness County Department of Recreation/Tourism P.O. Box 179, Port Hood, N.S. BOE 2W0 (902)787-2274 saw away on Saturday or Monday. Thursday, Dec. 22: Frosty. Mury took his wire. Must send Tom Forest $1.05 for freight. Hope to get more moving this week in order to give Peter some and Mouchet. Will also send Halifax some. Friday, Dec. 23: Cold and snowing slightly. Cows refused to go to woods. Likely winter is here. Meeting for the "Poor" tomorrow at one. Would like to go to Arichat and get a few trinkets for children. Will close school today until the 9th of Jan. Saturday, Dec. 24: Fine. Very few celebrating the day. Fixed doors in barn and secured them. John McNeil and his Hogomonian to Mass. Few visitors. Sunday, Dec. 25: Cold. To Mass and Vespers. Monday, Dec. 26: Cold. Got up henhouse frame. Fr. Beaton called about his horse • recommended La- Beau. Tuesday, Dec. 27: Cold. Working at henhouse. Wednesday, Dec. 28: Rainy. Got henhouse all boarded. Thursday, Dec.28: Fine. Got floor of H.H. all gravelled. Friday, Dec. 30: Cold. Got roof of H.H. shingled, borrowing about half a bundle from Vautour. Saturday, Dec. 31: Very cold. Got H.H. ceiled and gravelled between and got hens in and every? thing complete. Bill Beaton and his niece at the priest's. They will give us a call, of course, but must call on them tomorrow. Must get at wheelbarrow next week and should get killacks, buoys and nets fixed soon. 1888: Sunday, Jan 1: Cold. Wm. Beaton and niece came to prjest's. Called on them. Very few callers. Monday, Jan. 2: Rain • rain • rain. Our thanks to Wendy Wishart for her help in preparing this arti? cle, and to Kate Currie, Beaton Institute, for her help finding In? formation and illustrations regarding D.R. Boyle. Il CAPE BRETON'S NEWEST CAR DEALER! WINNOVA SUBARU JUSTY 1.3-3 CYL.? 4 WHEEL LEGACY 2.2-4CYL.??ALLWHEEL After 13 years in the automobile business, Alfie Lejeune, General Manager for Subaru, wishes to invite the public, all former customers, & friends to come & view the fine line of new Subaru products ... IA'PREZA LOYALE 1.3.3CYL..4WHEEL 1.8-4CYL..4 WHEEL Full Line of parts & services, available with qualifled technicians to serve all your needs 1161 GRAND LAKE ROAD Sydney/Glace Bay Highway (3 minutes from Mayflower Mall) 567-1500 WINNOVA iiiaiii
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