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Page 64 - With Evelyn Smith, Wreck Cove

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (171 reads)

I think most of his little songs would be in English. But it was strange about him--he never dis? cussed anything that went on when he was in the war. I mean, in the fighting part of it. He didn't want to dwell on it. And he had a few medals. But he never showed them or never--I think he was more inclined to be ashamed of his role as a soldier. Be? cause he really wasn't a fighter at all. The only thing, when he'd be drinking-- usually if he had a couple drinks or some? thing- -he always brought back this story about when he was in France. And he had a dream, I guess. And he dreamt of Annie Mae. And he said he woke up, and his pil? low was wet with tears. I still can hear him telling that over and over again. Be? cause he was lonesome. And he woke up, and Annie Mae wasn't there, you know. (Whatever the hell a person was doing from TAYLOR'S DENTURE CLiNlC I DENTURES | CONSTRUCTED, RELINED & REPAIRED J. B. TAYLOR • LICENSED DENTURIST D.V.A. & Dental Plans Accepted SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS Registered with "TAPS" (Services for Veterans) MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. (AFTER HOURS ON REQUEST) 92 Charlotte St., Sydney 564-9111 CAPE CARE SERVICES Quality Personal Care ltd. WMBBMErllti'i'll'ilil fjP - AT HOME OR IN HOSPITAL ~ '~' • RN's • RN Supervised • CNA's • Screened • Bonded • Insured • Home Care Workers • Reasonable Rates FREE IN-HOME ASSESSMENT Z'Serving AU> 'Cape Bretony 282 George St., Sydney: 562-2444 ?? Port Hawkesbury: 625-1641 Left: Bethel Church, Skir Dhu. (Which churches did your father, Sandy MacDermid, build?) Evelyn: Bethel. North River • John Fraser. Oliver in Englishtown • up on the hill. Annie Mae: One at Ross Ferry and one at Big Bras d'Or. South Haven. I thought, one at Ingonish. Evelyn: That's seven altogether. (They'd all be Unit? ed?) Yeah, after the Church Union. Remember • 'we were saying that he built them; he was the head carpenter or the architect, I guess you'd call it • he made the plan and all that. But he had, you know, others • volunteer • helping him. And I'm sure he vol? unteered a lot himself.... Wreck Cove....) Fighting a war in France. Huh? He told a few little things about the terrible conditions. Lice--they were ter? rible. And poor food. And where they were in foxholes, I guess, you know, it was bad, I guess, really. But he didn't dwell on it much, at all. (He wrote poetry--where does that come from? Why do you think he started writing poetry?) I don't know in the world. I'm trying to think--yes--his Uncle Murdock was a poet. You remember Uncle Murdock MacDermid, that wrote the one about the woman that lost the Gaelic. (Editor's Note: "The Girl Who Lost Her Gaelic" is published in Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia, by Helen Creighton and Calum MacLeod.) So I think there was a bit of it in the fami? ly. Maybe that's where he got it.(Was Un- UNEMPLOYED and Looking for JOB Training? You can be Trained and ready for a Career opportunity in 7 to 15 months. We can show you how! Accounting and Computers 'Hands-on training infinan- "'ial and management account? ing. Learn to implement and operate a :omputerized accounting system. Banking and Financial Services , .U This CompuCollege pro? gram will teach you the skills for a rewarding career in a bank, credit com? pany, or any financial setting. Business Administration Training in all aspects of business development and management for a career in finance, banking, mar? keting, accounting and management. P',' m Microcomputer L&rTA;' Business '''' Applications Practical, hands-on training on the latest computer systems. With this course, your career options will be wide and varied. Secretarial Il We offer training in various ' Secretarial specialties. Call NOW! 562-6110 CoivipuCdlEqE;IIL-II.IJ.-a
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