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Page 65 - With Evelyn Smith, Wreck Cove

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1 (239 reads)

Aunt Christy, holding Ian MacDermid him. He died, I guess. cle Murdock someone that you would know?) No, I can't remember him at all. I can barely re? member Uncle Donald--he'd be Uncle Mur? dock' s broth? er. There were two brothers, and one of them lived at Cape Dauphin-- he'd be Donald MacDermid's grandfather. And Murdock MacDermid lived in Mill? ville. Just as you go in to? wards Little Bras d'Or, be? fore you come to the junc? tion- -the last house on your right-hand side, that was their home-- Murdock Mac? Dermid. But I don't remember before I was.... ("The Girl who Lost her Gaelic"--did they used to sing that often?) No. Well, see, it didn't have a very nice tune to it. It was sort of a slow tune. It wasn't a milling song at all--it wasn't a lively song. (What was it--more of a lament?) Well, it shouldn't have been, I guess! But maybe it was--he was sad that she had lost her Gaelic!... (It's a very fun? ny....) Oh yeah, it was funny. (To be sung so sombre.) Yeah, but it was. I don't know. I haven't heard that tune for any other song. Whether he composed the tune or not, I don't know. (Maybe the solemnity was part of the humour.) Evelyn's parents Sandy & Christie Ann MacDermid A lot of the local songs, they have--the tune's taken from another song that was composed in Scotland. But this one, I haven't heard that tune on any song but that one. I bet he composed it himself. There's no chorus to it. . . . (So as good a song as I think it is, you think it's the tune that kept it from ever really be? ing a popular song.) Oh, I'm sure it did. I'm sure it did. Because way back then, they didn't ?? '***' sing the slow 3 "'' " '~ d i songs as much. S. ." ** T ??f5"*CT?fr' • /i It was mostly milling songs that they sang, when they gathered. (And a song without a chorus would have even less chance.) Yeah--who would join in? There'd have to be a solo. (Did they used to have concerts where they would sing something Dave's Cycle Sales 455 GRAND LAKE RD., SYDNEY 562-4343 'Yamaha dependability mile after mile after mile... YAMAHA ThePcwToSatisfy. Yamaha is your #1 choice for 4-wheel drive. 7' TiOittK [Always Fresh • Because You Keep Eating Them!] Tim Horton's • Cape Breton rOONUTS' 13 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 'SLilJJf "Around-the-clock Freshness" '999nf9J
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