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> Issue 66 > Page 7 - How the Two Bulls went to Orangedale

Page 7 - How the Two Bulls went to Orangedale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (295 reads)

Alfred P. MacKay Tells How the Two Bulls Went to Orangedale (Beatrice MacKay. Alfred's wife: Why don't you tell him the story about the time you had to take the bull to Orangedale.) Alfred: Oh, it wouldn't be very interesting. (Cape Breton's Magazine: Why don't you try me.) Alfred: Well, there's really two bulls in the story. The first fellow, he was on tether out there in the field. And I was oystering at that time of the year. But anyway, my fa? ther, he informed me that I would have to do something with the bull. That he was sick and tired of pulling him around on a tether, you know. And that Jack Munro (the butcher) would buy him, if I took him to Orangedale. So, okay. I said, "Tomorrow, I'll do it." So, I went.... It took all day. And there was a fellow up the road here, he was a young fellow. He was teaching school--we had a school here. And he went to the road with me and helped me get the rope on the bull. And then he went to the school. And of course, the] bull took off the first thing. At the tide gallop, out that wood road was there. He took | off. He went out. And he was the boss on the rope, you know. I couldn't hold him. He went that way till I got a turn (of the rope around) a tree, somewhere out there. And then he didn't want to come back. And he lay down, and he wouldn't get up. And I had to break off limbs and start a fire under his head, you know. (Really? You started a little fire under his head!) Oh, The Bull Story Continues on Next Page O' Here are 4 pages of Cape Breton Craftspeople • you can meet them face-to-face* • O fPor all outdoor activities... BUC3 FREE SHIRTl See-thru Coo Enterprise Black Mosquitoes No-See-Ums Elastic at Waist & Wrists Zippered Hood RR 2, Mabou, NS BOE 1X0 100% Polyester (902) 945-2077 Washable O O Marys Crafts Bras d'Or Silk Flower arrangements Special Occasions arrangements Wreaths • hats • Brooms Wicker baskets • Fans | ... AND MUCH MORE <:TiArrs Original Needlecraft Kits and Custom Designs featuring Historic and Scenic Sites and odier subjects of local interest PLEASE CALL 849-0991 OR 539-5840 to order FOXBERRY COTTAGE CRAFTS Wood Carvings Hand Carved by JOHNMCINTYRE 88 Grandview Street Sydney, Nova Scotia ' " *- BIP 3N6 (902) 564-9845 %N'3' We're proud of Cape Breton Craftspeople. You can locate them all across Cape Breton.., O
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