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> Issue 66 > Page 8 - How the Two Bulls went to Orangedale

Page 8 - How the Two Bulls went to Orangedale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (296 reads)

o- yes. And he didn't get up. And I couldn't see him; it was smoking. And all of a sud? den he got up with one spring. But he was choking with the smoke, you know. They were contrary, animals like that. (And you weren't afraid of him.) No. I wasn't afraid of him. But I wasn't supposed to hammer him, neither. His meat would be, you know--he was on his way to be killed. And if you pound him and bruise him all up, why his carcass wouldn't be fit. You'd get nothing for it. A blow will show on an ani? mal. It'll show terrible on the meat. (So you couldn't be too'rough on him.) No. And when I got back in to the main road, still at the schoolhouse here--recess was on--it was quarter to 11. Kids were out having recess. So I started. I still had to take her to Orangedale, see. Up the road. It was 14 or 15 miles, you know, on the feet. Your chance to meet Cape Breton Craftspeople face-to-face. C STTMMIEID QIABB By (Patricia Van Zutpfien Lamps Windows Suncatchers CUSTOM ORDERS ORIGINAL DESIGNING R. R. #1 Port Hood, N. S. BOE 2W0 787-3440 Cape Breton Crafts -a- Plenty PRESENT A Sale of Crafts & a Touch of [Cape Breton Hospitality I'd never have done it, only for the tele? phone. (Telephone?) Well, the posts. (Oh, the telephone poles!) It was a new line; it was up there solid as could be. And when he'd go the way of Orangedale, we were making 15 or 20 miles an hour. He'd be on the tide gallop, see? And I would hang on just until my last breath was leaving me, and (then) I'd take a turn (around) the post. And (the rope would) fetch up. And it would put him right flat on his back. That was taking the conceit out of him. After awhile, he wouldn't run, you know. But he could never figure out what was knocking him. That took the con? ceit out of him. Because the only way he'd go--he'd stand. Till I'd set fire to him or something. And then he'd take off, as hard as he could gallop. And I had a good rope on him, see. And I'd let him go, and me after him, hard as I could go. And when I knew I was going to give up the ghost, I'd take a turn on a telephone pole. And of course, you could just see him make a somersault and fetch up. you know! Land on his back. After awhile...he seemed to get wise a little bit! By that time I got going to Orange? dale pretty good. Every queer thing happened, you know. At Crowdis Bridge, there was a car burning on the middle of the road. Well now, I had a big job to put a bull by that, you know. And there wasn't a soul there, just the car burning. And I found out afterwards, there were fellows came up fishing trout. And the finance company was going to take the car. They set fire to it and went back to Sydney some other way. Let it burn there, see. But the evening train at 5 o'clock--Express used to be going to Sydney--she passed me. I was still a mile from Orangedale. J Island Images Scenic Photographs and Paper Tole Paper Tole Beautifully Framed Hummels Specializing in Birds Flowers Scenery WE WILL SHIP ANYWHERE • VISA RR 3 Site 16 Box 18, Howie Centre Sydney, Nova Scotia BI P 6G5 564-8282 % WP All Types of Carpentry Specializing in Kitchen Cabinets, Hutches China Cabinets, Refacing Cabinets, etc. FREE ESTIMATES err CHUCK DOBBIN 'Z' 564-1317 SiCver 'inSozu gifts Sydney Mines 736-0924 Quality Cape Breton Tartan Souvenirs & Gifts • ALL LOCALLY HANDMADE • Jessica Dolls • Brass, Silk, and Dried Rower Arrangements ORDERS ACCEPTED
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