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Page 54 - Donald Ross - A Poet in Baddeck

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (288 reads)

fellows over there--you know, right off the farm. So, he got married, and the family. And then I think it was 1914--he joined the army, and he was overseas. (Obviously, you followed in your father's footsteps, writing poems. Do you think of writing poetry as a gift?) It is a gift. I've got a sister that writes poetry just as good as I could. Tena. Christine Pen? ney. She used to write poems for anniver? saries and weddings and stuff like that. But I don't know if she has any of them. (Did she write for deaths or funerals as well?) No, anniversaries, weddings. (Al? ways the happier occasions.) Yeah. And I got a grand-niece over in Glace Bay. I suppose it pops up in the family. I have no trouble with making one. And then, proba? bly, I'll make another. And I'll be stuck just for two lines for I don't know how long. And then I can come back and sit down and finish it. See, you can get sii:uck on it just like other things. (Do you tend to write it quick and then look back and change some things?) I change some of them, yes. Oh, I wrote poems for weddings, and birth? days. (Is it more difficult when people 25% of the heat sneaked out of the basement. Then came True Wall. basement wall gypsum board true wall thermal-strap plywood floor concrete floor true wall thermal-strap wood strapping True Wall insulation covered the basement in one quick day and cut the heating bill overnight. You don't need costly studs to put It up, just nails and strapping. Put it on the walls, on the floor, all over. Don't be the victim of sneaky heat. o Truefoam AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL BUILDING SUPPLY DEALER 54 ask you to write a poem?) Yes. It's to get the background and get something that isn't too dry. Before I got a car--this evening we were going home. When we passed (this woman and) she was out mowing the lawn near the road. "You know," he said, "there's some? thing," he said, "for you to (write)." The next morning I had it for her. She seemed such a graceful creature as we go passing by But she doesn't even look at us because she is so shy. Though her figure is alluring and I believe there's lots of brawn For she swings that mower clean off the ground when mowing off the lawn. I'd like to take her strolling as the evening shadows fall Or take her to a banquet, or to the latest ball. Maybe watch the moon and stars with her from dusk to dawn But I know that she would tell me she would rather mow the lawn. To see her when she's mowing, that's enough to make me sigh. And coming down the back-stretch, why she just seems to fly. If I told her that her beauty was to me like a magnet drawn I know she'd tell me to get lost, she'd rather mow the lawn. If I just had the courage I'd step up to her and say, "You are coming out with me, my love, so throw that mower away." I know she'd look at me and say, "You silly fool, be gone. Do I have to spell it out for you, I'd rather mow the lawn." If I had the backbone that a lot of fellows boast I'd say to her, "My Honey, why I think you are the most." But if I asked to hold her hand she'd look at me and yawn And say, "I'd get a bigger kick just trying to mow the lawn." Or if I'd hear, you know, an expression-- somebody'd say something. Now, there's one in there, "The Powers of Temptation." I KEDDY'S Sydney Hotel 600 KING'S RD., SYDNEY, N.S. (902) 539-1140 • Toll Free: 1-800-561-7666 214 ROOMS Air Conditioned • Colour Cable TV Indoor Recreation Facility • ? Pool ? Sauna ? Whirlpool Bath Entertainment & Dancing at lUORV'S LOUNGE KEDDY'S FAMILY RESTAURANT 7 A.IVI. to 9 P.M. Licensed Dining • Daily Features CO-OP' CO-OP, SERVICE STATION Kerosene Available Exhaust Repairs Complete Brake Service Motor Vehicle Inspection Minor Repairs Lube ?? Oil • Greases Top Quality Low, Gasoline... 562-2315 '-ow Prices 503 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY, N. S.
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