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> Issue 66 > Page 55 - Donald Ross - A Poet in Baddeck

Page 55 - Donald Ross - A Poet in Baddeck

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1 (212 reads)

was listening to--our minis? ter is McGuire from Boularde? rie. And he preached a ser? mon on--what he did say--"With the powers of temptation sometimes we are too weak." And it's one of (the poems) is in that book. And there's ex? pressions that I read, too. I heard a fellow saying one time--I don't know if it was a preacher or what--that he was looking at something. And i Donald's father, the carpenter and poet William Ross at North Gut, 1950. Right: with the model he built of the Mar? garet, on display at the Gaelic College • one of the vessels on which Rev. Norman McLeod's people sailed to New Zealand in 1851. The Margaret was named after Norman McLeod's daughter. he said, "I had the feeling," he said, "that God was standing there with me." Do you want it? (Oh, sure.) Donald reads: You see the mountains and the meadows, the valley and the glen; You can see the mighty ocean, and you can see the sky and then When you see what He created, and you realize it's true, That's the time you get the feeling God is standing there with you... The last line, you know, that's the one that--I think that I got--you know, "If your heart is filled with sorrow." How many times has that happened? "If your heart is filled with sorrow at the passing of a friend/ Or you gaze on someone that you love who's near the journey's end?/ Send a little prayer upward for your cou? rage to renew/ You will feel yourself grow stronger. God is standing there with you." How I got started (toward the books)-- well, this woman coming to Boularderie, Mrs. Lukas. And we got acquainted with 5th Annual Seniors' EXPO! Seniors' EXPO '94 proudly presents: JULY 14-17,1994 World Trade & Convention Centre & Halifax Metro Centre HALIFAX Celebrates ''The International Year of the Family' A SOMETHING-FOR-EVERYONE EVENT! • PLUS • JOHN ALPHONSE and his 17-piece Orchestra at the Expo Dance Spectacular on Thursday, July 14th! • PLUS • Jl The Gospel Heirs j' Les Tymeux de la Bale • PLUS • Hundreds of Other J' Senior Entertainers! Tickets may be purchased at participating Sobeys Stores in the Maritimes beginning in June. $6.00/day or $15.00/4-day pass! (AT THE DOOR: $7.00/day or $20.00/4-day pass) ' ROYAL BANK MMirNava AirCanada Canadianfaciflc B Hotels &Resorts; OmtemHalifpix Travel Salon & Demonstrations Seniors' Art and Photo Gallery Cooking and Nutrition ''Men of the Deeps THECHRONICLE'HEMLD The Mail-Star - 'g3 RBC ''Q DOMINION S' SECURinES For more information, please contact: Seniors' EXPO I P.O. Box 2065, Halifax, NS B3J 2Z1 • (902) 424-7957 -
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