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Page 93 - Linda MacLellan Visits Archie Neil

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (134 reads)

and he would be out all the time and the lady he married was quite mean to her stepson. But the man didn't know it and the little boy wouldn't tell him very much. But one of the things that she would do was to have her two boys well trained and as graceful and gracious as possible. They learned how to play the pipes when they were very young and they would not allow their stepbrother to touch the pipes. He had a little tin whistle and he used to go out and play the tin whistle and he would play beautifully on the tin whistle. But they wouldn't listen to him or anything like that. So according to tradition the boy was out alone one day in some barren place and he was playing on his little tin whistle and all of a sudden he noticed a little man standing in front of him. And he stopped playing and the little man told him, "Don't be afraid of me," he said. "You would like to learn to play the pipes." And the little fellow said, "Yes, I would." And he said, "I want you to do something, and don't be afraid. I want you to put your right hand in my mouth, and when I nod my head, take your hand out of my mouth and put your left hand in." And the young fellow did that and just as he did, this little man disappeared. But the strangest thing about it was that the young fellow started to play the tin whistle again, and this time he could do anything with it. He was getting the most beautiful sounds out of it. So he figured, I've got to learn to play the pipes. And one day when the mother was gone and the two boys were gone with her, he took one of their sets of pipes and he learned that he could play the most beautiful music in the world on it. But they didn't know any? thing about it. Now, we leave them there and we go to an? other part of Barra where a man had decid? ed- -he had a nice sailing vessel--and he decided that he was going to start making trips between the islands, between Barra and Lewis and all the Hebrides. He wanted a piper to play, and he was going from one place to the other looking for pipers. And he landed at this house one day and the mother proudly presented her two boys and they both played the pipes. And then he asked, "What about him?" "Oh, he can't play." Well the little fellow said, "Let All Types of Collision Work! Specializing in Spot Repair ' SYDNEY'S COIi/IPLETE COLLISION REPAIR CENTRE 539-2848 • 539-1033 61 BEECH • SYDNEY BIP 6R7 Your Ideas ... Our Programs LET'S Get To Work At Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation!Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency we know that you and your ideas are our best resources. We have the tools to help you put your ideas to work. Whether your interest lies in the traditional industries or in a high- technology related business, we can and will help. It is time to combine your ideas and desire to accomplish something here at home with the resources at ECBC/ACOA Cape Breton. Make your move, and with our assistance, make your mark on our area. LeVs become partners for progress! For further information contact: jir Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Sydney: Port Hawkesbury: ry Light Industrial Park. Port Hawkesbury, N.S. BOE 2V0
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