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Page 94 - Linda MacLellan Visits Archie Neil

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1 (154 reads)

me try." And he played, he played beauti? fully and the man hired him. So that was fine. They travelled, he was playing as an entertainer on the boat. The man bought him a new set of pipes and everything. That went on for about two years and then the owner of the schooner decided that he was going to sail for America and he took the young fellow with him. They sailed across the Atlantic and they were off the coast of Halifax, so many miles off what they call Sambro Light or someplace like that--and they were be? calmed. You see, you depended on the wind for everything. And there wasn't a pocket full of wind to be had. The boat was there and suddenly they discovered that the boat was taking on water, that she was leaking some place. They knew they had to get help or some? thing and the captain didn't know what to do. The young fellow said to him, "I have magic in my pipes. I will send a message out and somebody will get it." Well the captain Tots 6* Toddlers Daycare and PreSchool 42 GLENDA CRESCENT • SYDNEY • 18 months to 10 years Full Time & Part Time Open 7:30 • 6:30 Monday to Friday | 539-6717 paid no attention to him. He figured. You crazy little fella, but go ahead. And the young fellow played, and strange as it seems, somewhere probably twenty miles away somebody who understood was supposed to have heard the signal, the S.O.S., the signal, and he began to tell his neigh? bours that there was a boat in distress. And they sailed out from the coast off the Halifax shore someplace and they found the boat and they found the crew and saved them. They towed the schooner into Hali? fax. But one of the things the boy swore to himself, he thought: If ever I get off this boat I will never go to sea again. And, he said, I'm going to get as far from the sea as I can. And he left Halifax with his pipes and his little duffel bag and he walked and came across the Strait (of Canso) and came to Cape Breton. And he came as far inland as possible, and landed in a heavily wooded area and he said, "This is the place where I'll stay." And he built a little log cab? in for himself. And after a couple of years he got more acquainted in the area and he found a wife for himself and he got married and they had a great, large fami? ly. And each of them was taught to play the pipes. Men and women. And their names were Jamiesons, they were James's sons. And it was from the name of this Jamieson family who were all such beautiful pipers that the place up there received the name of Piper's Glen. LICENSED GUNSMITH FIREARMS • HANDGUNS • ACCESSORIES HOT TANK BLUBNG] STOCKS REPAIRED J • RIFLES • SHOTGUNS • REVOLVERS • PISTOLS Zeiss, Baush & Lomb Scopes • Ammunition Authorized Browning and Ithica Dealer Hunting and Fishing Supplies Fishing Licenses SOLD HERE, Camo Clothing • Camo Boots • Camo Rainwear I Hunting ARCHERY: Browning, PSE, Barnett Bows • Easton Arrows • WE REPAIR ALL TYPES OF FIREARMS • 335 Welton Street • SYDNEY 564-0077 567-0509 FAX 567-0952 94 I'll give you one that just came to my mind now. About four miles from here, right up by Carrolls' at Southwest Margaree, John Car? roll's, there is a place that used to be called Aucoin's Turn, and I'm going to tell you why. For a long time people used to see lights that would come down the road. Now this, remember, was in the 'twenties when cars were scarce--of course, people had seen cars, but they were very scarce. But they'd always see a car come so far and the lights would dis? appear. And everybody was figuring some? thing will happen there and so on. I be- Cooperative Artisanale W'7 Acadian Restaurant/ Acadian Museum p. O. Box 98, Cheticamp, NS BOE IHO (902) 224-2170 Experience Acadian Traditions • Featuring the world famous Cheticamp hand-hooked rugs • Local crafts and souvenirs for all tastes • Taste and enjoy various Acadian foods in our Licensed Dining Room: Chicken Fricot • Meat Pies • Chowder & Fish Dishes • Homemade Dessert • Recommended in Where to Eat in Canada; member Taste of Nova Scotia • Visit our Acadian Museum • Hooking, spinning & weaving demonstrations • Open every day to welcome you, May 1st - October 15th
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