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Page 11 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (409 reads)

the province and I think got a couple thousand bucks or something. The pay was a hundred dollars a week for everybody, in? cluding me. I think we ended up with about $700 each, surplus. We packed it, everywhere. "Cross? ing the Causeway." This was in March, 1978.... Big success. Two-fifty a ticket or something like that; three-fifty a ticket. All of Nova Scotia. People loved it. I really wondered, or in retrospect I think I must have wondered (would it work). Because we had these sketches, and a little fiddle tune--Ronnie MacEachern. And then the whole second set was Buddy and the Boys. Boom! Opened by Dave Harley --did a bit of a Bob Loblaw news thing. He was in the Follies. He ends it with play? ing "The Lone Ranger" (theme) on his teeth. Which goes into "Working at the Woolco." And it was a 45-minute, straight- ahead, full-tilt, drums, electrified rock- and-roll, with Buddy and the Boys. But it worked!... Then there isn't another Follies until 1980. In the meantime, I get a job at the College, which is really through this, 'cause I'm working with these people. Pub? lic relations and the College Press. And then, they fired up the Follies. And I used to meet with Kenzie and Max and May? nard. But I was still kind of a brought- on-board kind of position. I started work? ing on the promotion, as I did Follies '80 and '81. And Kenzie was producing Then it was '82 and '83 and '84. Follies, Crossing the Causeway, Follies. People wanted to work, and play, and keep work? ing, and keep moving. So what are the com? mon denominators? Max, Maynard. And people do come and go. Berkley Lamey. He was the musical director of the first Follies. He did not play in Follies '85 because we had the McGinty band. But he was with the Re? vue every year, and he's been with us right through. Solid as a rock. Good Service for Our Neighbours and Our Visitors HILLTOP TRAILER SERVICES and AUTO GLASS • complete line of RV parts & accessories • service to all makes & models of trailers • canvas repair & replacement, boat tops, etc. • windshield repair & replacement • flat, plate & mirrored glass • custom accessories; sunroofs, running boards, etc. WE DO IT ALL AND ESfSVTSm Trans-Canada Highway WE DO IT RIGHT! Wisi??Uylil::Vm BRAS D'OR Maynard Morrison: I grew up in the Ship? yard in Sydney. And the kids that I hung out with, there were about five of them. They all had nicknames. There was Burtie and Bucky and Phee and Charlie--I can't tell you what his name was! At least, you wouldn't print it! Actually, Max MacDonald was around too. But it was mostly those other guys. And I used to make them laugh. If I could talk to somebody, and hear something that they said, and respond, and they would laugh--that's the happiest I could be. I never ever thought that it would be a stage thing. It was just hanging around at the corner store and just making them laugh, I was named after my Uncle Maynard. He was always funny. He used to work at my fa? ther's store. And that really appealed to me. He would always have stories. Like, there was a woman that came in the store. And she had just had a rinse done to her hair. And he said, "Oh, I like your hair, Mrs. Shetler." And she said, "Oh, thank you." And he said, "Yes," he said, "it's blue." And then she kind of giggled. And he said, "It matches your eyes." She said, "My eyes aren't blue." He said, "No, they're hairy!" And I had an Uncle Jackie, too, who was also very funny. Much rougher man. My fa? ther used to say that they used to think that Jackie stayed up half the night... thinking of funny things to say. used to sing then, too, was another kind of fo- Delicious Homemade HAND-ROLLED CONES Udder Delight Ice Cream Caboose 18 FLAVOURS Of Old Fashioned Ice Cream • Yogurt Blended WITH Fresh Fruit • Slush Cones Soft-serve Cones > BEAUTIFUL, RELAXING VIEW • "ARM OF GOLD" Campground & Trailer Park Open Field on Lake • Showers • Town Water • Flush Toilets • Washrooms 68 SITES WITH WATER, ELECTRICITY, SEWER • 35 Acres • Sewage Disposal Tables • Rec Hall Groceries • Ice Laundromat • Canteen 46 UNSERVICED SITES OPEN MAY 15 to OCTOBER 15 Phone (902) 736-6516 or 736-6671 on Route 105 at Little Bras d'Or, Cape Breton liniUsjrommcwjounihmi'erry Trans-Canada HighMray at Bras d'Or
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