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Page 12 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (581 reads)

cus. Because I had a band shortly after that. When I say "I had a band," it wasn't my band. But a bunch of us got together. And if we were lucky, we would make enough money to pay for most of the gear.... Like, when I think of that --this is playing serious music. And the other stuff, the fooling-around stuff, that was just something for the corner store, basically. And actually, the first Ce? cil sketch that I wrote-- some of the lines I took directly from my mother. Like, my mother used to say to me when I was being bad, when I was much younger, "Listen, boy, I don't need you to make a fool out of me." Now if you put that in the mouth of a fool, it be? comes a funny line. If Ce? cil says, "I don't need you to make a fool out of me," it's a different matter. Cecil was created for the Rise and Follies. And it sort of came to me one day, when Max used to live on Union Street. He and I and Kenzie were having a meet? ing. And I was telling them about this man that I had seen on the beach at Mac? Leod's Beach and Campsite in Dunvegan. And at that time I was with my--well, he's my eldest boy, but at that time he was just a little boy. And I learned very quickly that in order to take a little boy to the beach, that what you do is --you take the baby. And you take maybe a towel so you can protect him from the sun. And you take a book. And you take your cigarettes. And maybe a drink of some sort for him. But you keep it down to a mini? mum. 'Cause anything you drag down, you have to drag back. And maybe he's only go? ing to want to stay there for ten minutes. So I kept it down to the bare bones. Mitzi & Cecil (Bette & Maynard) Maynard: The look (Cecil's look) • it's something that my family does, in particular my father. Be? cause he can fix almost anything. Takes things apart, puts them together. So if he's in the back yard working on something on his car, he's think? ing about it His whole expression changes and he'll look at it like • it's not exaggerated like Cecil, so I just took that and exaggerated it • the thing that Cecil does is that his lower lip pushed up over his top lip, and it's part of his look. And it's really just an exaggeration of a thinking look that my father sometimes has when he's working. So I walked down to the beach, down to the barebones, you know. He was under one arm, and almost everything else I needed was like in my pockets or wrapped around my shoulder. And we just got down there. And this man, who was a grandfather--he wasn't an old man by any means, but he was a grand? father. And he was with his grandchildren. And I think their names were Little George and Mark. And this man had like a car blanket, and a folding lawn chair, and a cooler, and a football, and a ra? dio, and a chihauhau. And sunhats, and kites. He was absolutely burdened. So I'm watching him coming down with all this stuff, and he's just struggling. In the meantime, the kids are just tearing down to the water. And while they're going, he's say? ing, "Little George, don't jump off that now. Little George, don't--George! Little George! Okay, don't jump off. Mark, stop that. Stop throwing muck. Okay. Okay. I'm going to take you back up. I'm going to take you back up, and we'll see what your fa? ther- -stop throwing muck! Look, we're going! We're going now!" The Breed of Manly Men SSSI'n'a'S: by Alex Morrison and Ted SIaneyy''''''450 pages • maps • photos • $35.00 The Cape Breton Highlanders dis-1 • .. ) tinguished itself in the Second World War with its brilliant ex- '''' pj'jts jp jj'y ''j North-West Europe. Its battle honours and decorations attest to the gallantry of its soldiers. Featuring first-hand accounts by veterans, Tiie Breed of Manly Men concen? trates on this history of the CBH, as well as tracing the regiment from its estab? lishment as the Victoria Provisional Battalion of Infantry, to the 1920 establish? ment of the CBH and the subsequent renaming in the mid-1950s as the 2nd Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton). From bookstores or C.I.S.S., 76 St. Clair Ave W, Ste. 502, Toronto, ON M4V 1N2 I phone (416) 964-6632 or fax (416) 964-5833. Please add GST and $3 shipping. In the meantime, he's trying to get all the stuff set in the sand. But all the while, even while they're on their way, he's talking about leaving. But I also got the feeling that there's no way that that man is going to go down and grab them, or touch them, or anything like that. He's... Maynard and the Summertime Revue Continue on Page 69 aamaasHEisBiEa ?? ?? ?? i WATCH FOR: ?? • MASCAR Tour-Aug. 12/95 • Motor Madness - June 28 " Raindate - June 29 • Demolition Derbies • Ladies' Powder Puffs • Children's Race Car Day & MUCH MORE Go-Karts & Mini, Street, Sportsman & Thunder Cars | STOCK CAR RACING c AVAILABLE EACH & EVERY WEEK ?? ?? ?? SYDNEY-GLACE BAY HIGHWAY • 564-5464
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