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> Issue 68 > Page 66 - Val Poirier, Poirierville: Ghost Stories

Page 66 - Val Poirier, Poirierville: Ghost Stories

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (258 reads)

bird made two turns around her head and flew out again. And she told us, she said, "We're going to get bad news." So in the afternoon she saw the parish priest coming up and she said, "There's my bad news." So when he walked in he walked up I to her and she I got up--there B&R; HERITAGE ENTERPRISES lor Gaelic Services and Products including Bho Thir Nan Craobh by Mary Jane Lamond (CD & CASSETTE) Tir Mo Ghraidh • a selection of Nova Scotia Gaelic music, story & song (CD & CASSETTE) Gaelic to Go • a 20-minute Gaeli pronunciation guide (CASSETTE ONLY)! Celtic Crossroads • a program o Gaelic song & music • listen every [Sunday, 8 PM, on 1410 CIGO Radio CONTACT US AT: P. O. Box 3, lONA, NS BOA 1 LO Tel/Fax (902) 725-2013 was a habit, when the priest would walk in you'd get up, you know. "Oh," he says, "no, no. Sit down," he says. "I've come to tell you something." "Oh," she said, "you've come to bring me bad news." She says, "It's my son." He says, "Yes." He said, "He died last night, he was killed coming down a flight of stairs." Now, imagine! When you see things like that you kind of wonder, you know. My wife is the same thing. Her brother was killed in Holland two days after the war was over. He was crossing the dike in Hol? land and he stepped on one of those anti? personnel mines.... And two days after-- she was working in (a factory) in Montreal during the war at the time. There was a bird that come at the window in the morn? ing and stayed there all day. That night she got the news that he had been badly wounded, next day she got news that he had died. So you often wonder, you know, when it happens to you. But there's one thing now--and this has been bothering me--and this was very early in 1939, just before the war broke out. I was coming from Poulamon four miles away and, as I got half way through, all of a sudden the whole sky lit up. Red from one end to the other, and right in the centre of the sky was one of the most beautiful crosses you ever saw--and three months af? ter, the war broke out in 1939. The Shopping Centre for Victoria and Cave Breton Counties., i NORTH SYDNEY GROCERIES * CLOTHING CARDS * LADIES FASHION ENTERTAINMENT * SOUVENIRS * GIFTS PHARMACY * HOUSEHOLD ITEMS * LIQUOR DEPARTMENT STORES * MUSIC Open MONDAY through SATURDAY 10 AM to 9:30 PM 116 King Street, North Sydney, NS • Phone (902) 794-4703,794-4704 And I've mentioned that to an awful lot of peo? ple and nobody seemed to have noticed it. And I wonder somewheres around somebody must have seen the same thing I saw. Because I saw it and I know it happened. Whether it was some kind of a warning or what it was, I don't know. But it started from the edges and it kept getting red--and right in the centre was this beauti? ful yellow cross, big gold one. Approximate? ly, from what you could see (of) it from where I was, approximately four feet long. CO-OP CO-OP Building Supplies OPEN MON. - SAT. 8 A.M.-5 P.M. 870 King's Road, Sydney 539-6410 WE ARE MORE THAN JUST LUMBERI!! ?? PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER ?? PAINT/STAINS ?? FLOOR COVERINGS ?? GYPROC ?? BATHROOM FIXTURES I VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS I INSULATION I ROOFING MATERIALS I LIGHT FIXTURES I PLUMBING SUPPLIES I HARDWARE I COUNTER TOPS I VANITIES I SHOWERS I ROOF TRUSSES I DOORS I EAVESTROUGH I LUMBER I HOME & GARAGE PACKAGES I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES I HEATING SUPPLIES I PLYWOODS HARBOUR HOMES M5H) EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE
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