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> Issue 68 > Page 67 - Val Poirier, Poirierville: Ghost Stories

Page 67 - Val Poirier, Poirierville: Ghost Stories

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (307 reads)

(Where were you to see it?) I was walking down from Poulamon to Poirierville. I was just walking in this area here. I've men? tioned it to several people, nobody had seemed to have seen it. But I often wonder somewhere some people must have seen it. (But as far as actually seeing what some people would call a ghost, you have not seen anything like that.) No. The only thing that I saw was--and this is as true as I'm sitting here, and I've told a lot of people about it--there was an old lady down the road that we used to tease an aw? ful lot. And she died while I was over? seas. I was laying in my bunk this night smoking a cigarette, and all of a sudden at the foot of the bed this person ap? peared. And as soon as I saw her I said to myself--nobody else knew her--I said to myself, "What in the name of God is (she) doing here?" But I never thought any more about it. It was just I saw her, and I figure that I'm thinking about the folks back home and that, you know, and all kinds of thing comes in your mind. So anyway, by God, about a week and half af? ter, I got a letter from my mother and she said, "Did you know that old Mrs. died?" I said, "Oh my God Almighty." And I started thinking. So I wrote her back and I said, "Could you find out for me exactly the date that she died and about the hour, about what time?" So, of course, it used to take a long time. Two weeks after, I got another letter from her and she told me the exact date, and figuring that we were on double daylight savings time here during the war, and four hours difference from here to England, and figuring the date--the exact moment I saw that woman at the foot of the bunk was the time she died! Now that's a coincidence. And I'll never forget that, because it ac? tually happened, you know. I don't know why, we weren't related. I don't know why that woman would show her? self to me at the date that she died. (She's never come back?) No, she's never come back. That's the only time I ever saw her. (It's difficult to explain. Father Rankin's father in that story that you men? tioned, he wanted something done--he wanted a bill paid.) He wanted something done, yes. But, you know, I often thought, we made her suffer so much just teasing her. She was a hard-working old lady, a poor old lady. And we were kids, of course. But I often wonder if there was something some? where along the line that I had promised her that she never got or what it was. But anyway, I actually saw it. Other times: I was going to see (my wife.) She lived in Poulamon. We weren't married then. And I was coming back, and it was a night that was kind of foggy and misty. And it was four miles from her place to my place, and I used to walk it back and forth. And this night I was coming and it started getting kind of wet and I was scared, I was dressed up and I was scared to get wet. So there was a taxi driver in D'Escousse and I decided, well, I'll stop the taxi driver and get him to drive me home to keep dry. So as I walked in to go to the taxi driver Make a Good First Impression! • Letterhead • Envelopes • Invoices > Business Cards • Reports • Price Lists • Newsletters • Manuals • Resumes • Purchase Orders • Menus • Flyers • Brochures • Tickets • Booklets PRINTING 1562-2122 J SYDNEY FAX #: 562-7937 • 200 Charlotte St. (near Dorchester St.) • CENTRES COAST TO COAST • Bird Island Tours TOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK June 1-30: 10AM&1:30PI' July 1 - August 28: 9 AM & 10 AM & 1:30 PM August 29 - September 25: Seal & Eagle Tours 10 AM September 26 - October 15: Fall Colour Tours 10 AM glJAIJ:tfftJI.IJL?IMJJAl=nii> A 2 1/2 hour cruise from MOUNTAIN VIEW BY THE SEA Camping and Cabins 4 miles off Trans-Canada Hwy. (Route 105) BIG BRAS D'OR • (902) 674-2384 c2'Q?=s'.(g>''?5?';:t::??':'''>??'
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