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Page 70 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (180 reads)

Then, the other thing--the most important thing--is to turn on her mind, you know, and what drives her. That's when you really get the character happening. (What drives Mary?) Mary is--I usually avoided saying his name, but he's gone now. Mary's a combination of people. And one of them--the most important one--is my Uncle Joe R. And I could never tell him this while he was alive because he never would have understood, I don't think. I certainly can't tell him when he's not alive!... I always thought he was one of the most interesting men that I ever met. In terms of how he placed himself on the earth, you know. He was a very religious man, and he was very connected to the earth, and was--he was so--easy. But at the same time, you didn't mess with him, because he had his beliefs and his philoso? phy, and was happy to share it with you. And he was a great guy--a very funny guy. And he'd pick up a guitar and sing--he nev? er played guitar, but he would just do it because it seemed like the thing to do. Joe R. MacDonald. He drove the old (train engine) 42. He was just a great guy. Fas? cinating, intelligent, warm, funny man. A Pioneer Company ROBIN'S • NOW 228 YEARS OLD • ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, INC. The company was founded around 1766 by the Robin fami? ly from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. These French-speaking immigrants to Arichat and Cheticamp supplied the local fishermen with their ba? sic necessities and took the fishermen's catch to markets around the world. Robin's have evolved to include furni? ture, hardware, bulding supplies, and groceries. Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 * Invemess, N.S. 258-2241 Herbz 24 HOUR SERVICE - 7 DAYS A WEEK 1430 George St. Sydney, N. S. 539-1538 539-5623 Sydney Airport • FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE • FEATURING LATEST MODEL CARS, TRUCKS, & 4'WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES • LOCAL PICKUP and DELIVERY To Reserve a Car 'r?'f '??5!* 1 -800-263-0600 The #1 way to rent a car. Bette MacDonald And there didn't seem to be any limits, you know, for Joe R. He used to think, at the same time, on a grand scale and a small scale. It's very difficult to de? scribe, 'cause I've never met anyone like him. I don't know who to compare him to. (Show me him thinking on a small scale and on a grand scale.) Well, he could describe something. He used to--at his bungalow--he used to name things. The "Addendum" was this little place out back. The space un? derneath the bungalow was called "Verses." I'm probably screwing up all the names. There was a "Primrose Lane." And he used to walk along that lane doing the rosary. I really don't know how to describe him. He could focus on the smallest part of his life. And then we'd realize he's talking about the whole world. I wish I could give an example. He's very, very difficult to describe. (Have you ever described him be? fore?) No, I never have. Because I never, ever told anybody that that's who the Mary character was based on. We used to go to his bungalow when we were kids. We used to go there all the time. S & M Trucking Ltd. General Trucking • Local & Long Distance ??Loader & Trailer Rentals ' Float, Flatbed, Drop Deck Service D- OFFICE 1 567-2260 FAX 564-1443 • ' Operating in: 'NS.NB.NFLD, JPEI.ONT.PQ, p and the U.S. A. Donald Sives Manager L GARAGE & DISPATCH • i 564-2011 IF BUSY CALL 564-0204 ' SYDPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK • SYDNEY • NOVA SCOTIA CONNORS COLOR PRODUCTIO & LAMINATING (Division of Connors Office Centre) 350 Charlotte St., Sydney, N.S. BIP 6H2 "Let Us Display Your Ideas" * Picture Quality Posters & Laminating • 36" by almost any length * Color Scanning ' Color Laser & Computer Generated Photo Copies * Oversized Photo Copies * Back Lit S * Personal & Custom Display Signs * Vinyl Signs & Letters * Traffic Signs * Mounting Open Mon. to Sat. 9 - 5 * Phone 562-7900 • Fax 567-159
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