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> Issue 68 > Page 71 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Page 71 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (167 reads)

And, you know, watching Joe R. and listen? ing to Joe R. was like watching a really good movie. He was always fascinating. And he would tell these outrageous stories. And we would just be hanging on his every word. And it wasn't till I was older that I real? ized that none of these were true, these great stories. When we were kids, it didn't really matter. We were just fascinated. used to call him. And I'd answer the phone, and he'd ask for, you know, if Moo- nie was there. "No, he's not." And he'd say, "Okay, good." And I'd say, "Okay, bye." And he'd say, "Okay, good. Good. Good. Good." And he'd say it three times! So I decided to put that in. Because I found that funny, you know. God, the characters. (You said that Mary was a combination.) Yeah. She was also the women--I used to go to church with my mother and father. The Marys would be in church. You know, the scarves on, and the prayer beads. And I used to watch people in church, that's what I did there. When I was supposed to be listening and learning. And I got the voice from this other woman --a combination of Joe R.'s voice and this other woman. I can't tell you who she is, though, because she might be embarrassed. (When did you know that "Good, dear, good" was going to become popular?) Oh, I didn't know, until it happened. Until it was.... I thought. Oh my god, people are saying this all the time! What that was: my fa? ther had this friend, Mike MacNeil, who Maynard Morrison: I think we've worked against stereotyping Cape Bretoners. We certainly take an aspect of character and try to have fun with the character. Like Martin MacKinnon says, "I'm Martin MacKin? non. And I'm here as a representative of the Cape Breton labour force. I'm unemployed." See, I think he's making a kind of po? litical- social statement. Serious statement. (Even when he says to Mayor Vince MacLean, When touring the Cabot Trail, ' you'll enjoy your stop in Cheticamp. It is a ' ' friendly village with strong Acadian traditions.'' While in Cheticamp, why not enjoy a meal at Le Gabriel? We offer tinsurpassed Acadian hospitality and cuisine. The dining room J We offer seating for 125 people, and many traditional dishes.'' As well, you might dine on fresh local seafood, sizzling steaks, fresh baked bread and sinfully delicious desserts. Best entertainment for miles around Le Gabriel would like to invite you to visit our great hall, for the best in local entertainment! Tuesday: Square Dancing & Fiddling Wed., Thur., Fri., Sat.: Popular Music Saturday & Sunday: Fiddling We offer full lounge service, and the t)est entertainment for miles around. • fully licensed service • air conditioning • U. S. currency accepted Cheticamp, Nova Scotia Canada BOE IHO Tel: (902) 224-3685 While in Cheticamp, don't forget to visit Flora's craft shop, which offers a variety of locally crafted firrate on the Cabot Trail Best selection of hooked rugs Flora's offers an excellent selection of rugs and other hooked items, made by over 100 local craft ladies. We also feature other quality handcrafts and souvenirs. • Coasters • Sweaters • Chair seats • Quilts • Wall hangings • Placemats • Rugs rP'h-C Tartans A -'''' Flora's has served the tourist industry for over 25 years. We welcome tour groups for one stop shopping. You're sure to enjoy A" our rug hooking dem? onstrations! U. S. CURRENCY AT BANK RATE. ALL MAJOR CREDIT I CARDS ARE ACCEPTED, AND WE ALSO SHIP / Chatelaine WORLD-WIDE! / Best Craft Shop ' in Cape Breton p,N.S. BOE 1 HO PHONE: (902) 224-3139
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