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Page 16 - John Hart of Port Hood - a Scrapbook

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1 (938 reads)

John Hart of Port H Perly W. Smith: He and his cousin Simon Fraser, they went out to Sari Fran? cisco in the early days and then the Gold Rush, the Klondike came on • and they borrowed some money from an uncle and they went up to the Klondike to raake their fortune. Up there after a while, they didn't fare off so well. So in due time the boat from Seattle had arrived, bringing in provisions and passengers to the Klondike. And one chap got off the boat and John Hart sold him the raincoat he had on and all his possessions • everything he and the Fraser had in the camp • so this man could start right in and make the money. And John took the boat and went back to San Francisco, penniless. Fraser stayed there but John Hart in due time arrived back here in Port Hood much poorer than when he left. That was the fortune he made. He was born here in Port Hood. The Harts originally be? longed to Guysborough. His father, Joe Hart, married a Fraser woman from Port Hood. And old man Mr. Hart opened up a small grocery store. And John worked round with him and opened up a restaurant and when the father died John took over the store. And John built one of the finest homes in the country. And he went to work in the silver foxes. On Prince Edward Island it started booming and for 4 or 5 years he did very well. I and a friend of mine, we thought we could make a dollar too and we bought two foxes • a male PERLY W. SMITH

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