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> Issue 69 > Page 35 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Page 35 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (269 reads)

'-'I occasionally her studding sail boom into the waves; till the moming those of us who did not sleep, we employed in holding on to something that would keep from being pitched and jostled against everything that would come in the way. In the moming we had very little wind, but the (sea) was awful fSlst day out ' '? '''' ?"* '' '"'sed very heavy throughout i??K 1 ff 10C0 t'' d'Y' and beD. 15, A??5??J having occa? sional squalls from all points. Noon the breeze spmng up from the N. Before dark the Capt shot a large albatross but could not get her aboard, on account of the heavy sea. About dark the breeze stiffer from the North. Course S by E., 4 1/2 knots. The aspect of the ocean looked a little more cheering, but continually shipping a great many heavy seas, about 9 P.M. it cleared up a littie, stars were to be seen, which gladdened the hearts of the fear-stricken passengers.... Before daylight we had the r53rddayout''i"dd''d clewline. After dark the sea was very stiff. Co. SE by E. In the moming the wind was Ughter. We made all sail, wind r54th dav out ' ''* '?' ' '' ''' Gaining very heavy all day. F h IJilR'R Before dark a squall came on which caused l'eP. Ao, IOD9J yg 'Q j.ggf 'Q topsails, furl top gallant sails, and haul up the mainsail. About dark the breeze stiffer. Co. E. but close haul. Before daylight we had fair 55th day out |,Feb. 19,1858J l'Feb. 17,1858 wind from the west. Course E by S. on account of an error in the compass. Running 7 1/2 knots, about noon we changed our course to E by N. Dark, it blew pretty strong but conned all sail. Ran 11 knots. In the moming the wind light- er, still go- (36thdayoun Feb.20,1858j ing the same ahead from the East. Co. N.N.E. The moming was dark and foggy. About 6 A.M. we had to reef our topsails, and furled topgallant sails. 8 A.M. About ship. Co. SE by E. In the aftemoon, the Captain took two large albatross aboard by means of a line and hook, that measured be? tween the tip of the wings, 11 feet, tip of the bill to the back of the head 1 foot, clear bill 8 in, weight 20 1/2 lbs (alive). They could not fly off the decks. At the same time we seen a large whale playing round us. About 4 P.M. we had a smart gale, mn? ning under double reefed topsails, and foretop mast staysail. Before the foresail was hauled up the bolt rope broke about the Painting of the barque Breadalbane by David Stephens Stan de Achuna, before daylight. course, mnning 6 or 7. The day was fine and cool. The breeze stiffer about dark. About 8 p.m. we seen a large meteor flying from West to East at an enormous speed. We expected to be near Tri- We had a fair breeze all night. Course S by E. About 4:50 A.M. r57th dav out ' '' ''''' startled out of our sleep with the cry I ' ' of "Land ho!" which was re-echoed from |,Feb. 21,1858, every mouth. The greatest excitement pre- Aii Types of Collision Work! [Specializing In ] |[ Spot Repair SYDNEY'S COMPLETE COLLISION REPAIR CENTRE 61 BEECH • SYDNEY BIP 6R7 "We're people you can talk to" Dealers for: Electronic Keyboards Guitars • Church Organs Quality Brand Name Pianos • PA Rentals • Piano & Guitar Instruction Boutiliers' MImlSKii OPEN MONDAY through SATURDAY Music Keyboards Guitars Reeds strings Horns Violins Bagpipes Chanters Amplifiers PA Systems All Supplies Comfort Inn 368 Kings Road Sydney, N.S. BIS 1A8 (902) 562-0200 Fax 564-6410 Toll Free 1-800-228-5150 The comfort you need at affordable prices. Remote Cable TV ?? Complimentary Coffee Free Local Calls and Tea Continental Breakfast ?? Senior Rates Available Complimentary Newspaper ?? Children under 18 Free Directions: From Trans Canada Hwy. (Hwy. 125) take exit 6B (Kings Rd. East} • follow Kings Rd. to the Hotel 1, aJT MUSlCl fi SHOP 1 mil 4 nil llliillllllilliillliiill I'MI|ll|ll'l|1|ITTl|l|ll nins. J Cape Breton ' Shopping Centre 39 Keltic Drive Sydney River, N. S. Wal-Mart B1S1P4 "562-0018 um ~ Cape Breton's Finest Locally-Owned Musical Outlet -
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