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Page 36 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (412 reads)

vailed on board. Everyone was up and dressed in a short time. The deck was thronged in a few moments. First Inaccessable Island could be discerned like a bank of thick fog. Soon it could be easily distinguished from the clouds. I took a rough sketch of it 50 m. before sunrise, the top was covered with a light blue cap therefore it could not be sketched. Inaccessable bearing S by W 9 miles. In a short time I could see Nightingale, and Tri? stan d Achuna, the latter being right ahead of us, therefore we shaped our course E by N. When the sun was on the horizon I took another sketch of In. & Night, together with a part of Tri? stan d A. We seen a great number of birds of various species. We had a fine sight of T. d A. We could see the houses plain enough. Also a little bush on one of the Islands.... We were about 5 miles distant from T d A. about A.M. 8. We were abreast of it, we squared. About 11 we lost sight of the Is? lands altogether. 0.58 P.M. the wind veered round to the SE. We immediately shortened sail, as it looked bad squalls. Course E by S. Close mnning 8 m • made more sail, and reef the topsails made her snug for the night. Through the night the wind blew pretty stiff and kept the same r58th dav OUt' course till moming when the wind grew T? K '>'> 1 oco lighter. About noon we made all sail, Co E • ?2lifli??52/ by N. WE SE. The aftemoon was Murdoch Fraser's Diary ends here. Flora l/lcDonald writes in Watchman Against the World: "On.May 22nd the Breadalbane's passengers rejoined the larger world. The NewZealander (newspaper) reported her arrival with 160 'hale, hearty and stal? wart'souls." Our thanl(s to Anne Piclcetts, Chairman of the Waipu Centennial Trust Board, for permission to publish this diary. The Waipu Centennial Trust Board administers the House of Memories and the Waipu St. Ann's/Baddeck Sister Town Project, from the Wai? pu Visitors Centre in New Zealand. Our thanks to Jim MacDo? nald of the St. Ann's-Baddeck/Waipu Twinning Society for sug? gesting this article and for supplying us with a copy of Murdoch Fraser's diary. We have used a 1943 typescript made from a copy so faded that a few of the words had to be guessed. We made a few editorial changes to help with the reading. There's been a wonderful response to Flora McPherson's Watchman Against the World: The Remarkable Journey of Nor? man McLeod & his People from Scotland to Cape Breton Island to New Zealand. It is available in bookstores everywhere, or di? rect from Breton Books, Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, NS BOC IHO. Price: $12.95 (plus GST and shipping equals $17.36). See Order Form on page 57. Credit card orders can be made by phone: 1-800-565-5140 or by fax (902) 539-9117. Please include your credit card expiry date. quite cool and the wind more to the East so that our course was roughly E NE mnning 7 miles. In the moming the wind had changed to the SW. Co. 59th day out 1 '.'' S''*'' ''l''' ''"' ''i '''V F h '>''18'8 ' ''' heavy swell from the r CD, Z,5, io5oJ south. In the aftemoon our course was E SE. A very light breeze, mnning 6. The day was fine and warm but no wind. The swell I continued still from the south..,. (60th day out, Feb. 24,185g) continued still a Senior Citizens Secretariat 4th Floor, Dennis Building, 1740 Granville St. P.O. Box 2065, HaUfax, N.S. • B3J 2Zl 424-4737 or 424-4779 or 424-5329 or 424-4649 or 424-6322 HELP IS JUST A TOLL-FREE CALL AWAY A toll-free telephone line for seniors and persons who care for their needs. Our staff is trained to provide the answers to many of the questions that concern seniors, in? cluding those about pensions, home care services, community volunteer groups, home maintenance, housing and health. A no-cost help fine and information service estabhshed specifically for our older citi? zens, their famiUes and their caregivers: 424-0065. (Dial 1-424-0065 from points outside the HaHfax area.) Nova Scotia '''' Province of Hon. James Smith, Chairman .j'%t' Nova Scotia The Senior Citizens' Secretariat A Special TIME THAT WAS Visit Highland Village: A Living History Museum Experience the lifestyle of the Highland Scot in Cape Breton • 10 animated building displays in a village setting • Visit our Gift Shop: Large selection of Celtic Music • Consult Highland Roots: Computerized genealogy • 34th Annual Highland Village Day: A ugust 5 • Adjacent to the Highland Heights Inn 'ghland BATTERED WOMEN and your children if you need help: 539-2945 TRANSITION HOUSE 36
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