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Page 45 - With Kay Currie, Westmount

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (231 reads)

Three days later Rev. Michael Gillis vis ited me. After he left, the circulation started in the right leg. I went from crutches to a cane. July 1st, 1940, I danced at a par ish picnic. These incidents showed me God's mysterious ways in granting me the cure through Ste. Anne's in? tercession and His vicars on earth. ...the picture, with the white whiskers on it. You know, you've often seen a pic? ture of our Lord. (Yes.) And he changed then. And I could see the children around the altar • angels around the altar. And then it was just given to me the different parts of the Mass, that I was supposed to kneel during the consecra? tion, from the beginning to the end of the consecration. So. Then right after that the clergy went over and opened the tabernacle • 'was a great big beautiful light came out of the tabernacle.... (What was Jesus wearing?) Just the same as you see in the • I didn't even glance at that, it happened so fast, one vision to the other. (Do you have a sense of his face?) Oh, yes • similar to what is on Veronica's veil, which she wiped his face with.... He left his picture on that veil, Veronica's veil. (Oh, the veil of....) Turin. Annual Antigonish Diocesan Pilgrimage to Ste. Anne de Beaupri by train, led by Mr. Gillis, would go by our farm on the way to the shrine. We as children would run to the railroad to wave to the pilgrims. I would wish I was one of them and won? der why we couldn 't go, until Mother told us they couldn't af? ford the trip. (So that, what we see are images that we commonly see: God's face is very much as you've seen it in paintings.) Yes. (And Jesus very much as we've seen it depicted in other places.) M-hm.... I never saw Our Lady. Never saw her. (And angels • 'what are angels like? You called them children?) Just like little children with little wings on, you know. You see them in pictures. (But to feel that you have seen them, is remarkable. No fear?) No-o-o! There's no fear at all. Just happiness, actually. You get a feeling of happiness and peacefulness. That's only just one.... (That was a vision.) Yes, that was a vision. That was definitely a vision. (And had you had other visions in Cape Breton?) Kay laughs. Yes, in a way, but I don't want to say it in case • think I'm nuts! (Of course people will think you're nuts!...) Laughter. But people, I don't know, they don't want to believe. It's a lack of • that's all that's wrong. People don't want to believe. Mick joined the army in August (1941). In Sep? tember the dis? trict had no schoolteacher. The trustees asked me if I would teach the term. I said yes. But I had to get permis? sion from the Inspector be? cause married teachers were not allowed to teach. Permis? sion was granted. I taught the term 1941- 42. In June, we bought a farm in Beaver Cove. It was situated near Camp Beaver. May 1942, I was pregnant. I started to he? morrhage while I was teaching. I went home at recess; went to my room and prayed to Ste. Anne. Everything stopped. I went back to finish the day. In July I went to Ste. Anne de Beaupr6 with two sisters-in-law. This was my first trip to Ste. Anne's. While growing up, the While in the church store (at Ste. Anne's), I started to he? morrhage again. I sat in a chair. He noticed me and asked what was wrong. I no? ticed a Ste. Anne's mater? nity cord on one of the counters. I said, "Get me the cord and have it blest and touched to the relic of Ste. Anne." When she returned I put it on. Suddenly, everything stopped. I wore the cord until he was born. Both sisters-in-law were also cured after they arrived home. When it came time for my confinement, I stayed with a relative in Sydney. Mick was in the army barracks at South Bar. He came to see me January 5th and said that he couldn't see me January 6th because he had to serve dinner to head army officials. 'tBBEl'l V. J. McQilCivray J'uneraC'ome '''' StiffilfflBK' 849-4505 16 Reserve St.'GLACE BAY FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBALMERS Established Since 1938 Complete Funeral Arrangements, Including Pre-Arranged Funeral Services All Pre Paid Funeral Accounts Are Deposited "In Trust" in a Canadian Trust Company 862-6439 380 Smith St. • NEW WATERFORDi Ocean Jlentalsltd. Contractors Lawn & Garden Equipment Equipment Compressors Tillers Welders Sod Gutters Drills, Saws Air Eators General ' Engine Hoists Much More- Jacks Tow Bars Call: GLACE BAY 849-1616 South (Campbells Comer) - P. O. Box 265 Midway Motors Ltd. Now with Two Locations: HEAD OFFICE '' NEW OFFICE Middle River wS Port Hastings 295-2290 625-3641 We've Been CHRYSLER Since 1926
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