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Page 38 - Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (267 reads)

wagon. I was home and not very old, may? be around ten, and they came home from church. (My father took the horse out of the har? ness) and left the wagon out by the door. So they came in, and we were going to have dinner. I said to my? self, "Now they won't see me, I'm going to get a ride." There was a hill from the house, and down past the barn. So I went but to the wagon, and started pushing, and pushing, and away the wagon went, full tear down the hill. It went way past the barn, it went for a long stretch. Then one of the shafts stuck in the ground, and it broke where the bridge was going on it. Oh Dhia, Dhia, my father (Donald) came out, "Where did the wagon go?" My father looked, and St. Margaret of Scotland • the church on River Denys Mountain =The most internationally talked about (Canadian book of 1996 - even before publication! T'all OnlburlQiees ('Ann

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