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> Issue 70 > Page 79 - Advert: Breton Books / The Mother's Arms: Marcellin Hache's Telling of "La Femme aux bras couples"

Page 79 - Advert: Breton Books / The Mother's Arms: Marcellin Hache's Telling of "La Femme aux bras couples"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (125 reads)

on the small trees that are in fi-ont of me so that when it gets windy, the wind will tum the pages. That way I can read the prayers one more time before I die." He did this. When he started to leave towards home, she said to her brother, "On your way home, you will get a splinter in your left foot that will not heal until I get my two arms back so that I can take the splinter out." When she finally got imitied fi'om the tree, she remem? bered hearing that if you get lost in the woods, you should find a river and follow it downwards. She fol? lowed the river down, down, down, and suddenly she found herseff in a village • 'but she had her two arms cut off. She went to a hotel and asked the hotel manager for a room. The hotel manager said, "Yes, you can stay here. I pity you, with both arms cut off." She couldn't work, not even dress herself The hotel manager said, "I have enough servants, they can help you dress." One day an officer arrived, and the hotel manager said to him, "Now, I have the most beautiful girl here in the Take Route 22 Out of Sydney to ... FORTRESS VIEW RESTAURANT Specializing in: • Lobster in season • Bras d'Or Trout • Scallops • Haddock • Clams • Sole Steaks • Turkey • Ham • Chowders • Chops Sandwiches • tx>th hot & cold 7513 Main St. • LOUISBOURG • 733-3009 * WHEELCHAIR ACCESSiBLE ? C Open AiCycar 'KpuncCServing !Hoim Cooke-dO'i''') i Coastal lun 'Louisbourg (Louisbourg Motel) ? Guaranteed Rates • FleuT'd'lAs 0Sniiig Room ? Jake's Lounge ? Gift Shop Major Credit Cards Accepted 1225 MAIN ST., LOUISBOURG • (902) 733-2844 "Ofily 1 Mile from Fortress Louisbourg** hotel. She's recovered, has gained weight, but has both her arms cut off." The officer said, "I'd be curious to see her," As it turned out, the officer was the King's son. He went to see the girl, found her so beautiful that he asked her hand in marriage. She replied, "What's the use? I have both my arms cut off. I can't even make my bed or cook." "That makes no difference. If you want to marry me, I have plenty of money and can hire servants to do your work." "Well," she said, "if you want to marry me like this, I'll marry you." She married him. But the bo/s mother • the wife of the King • did not want the marriage. "You're marrying a girl you don't even know. Maybe she's a tramp or something." "It makes no difference not for you." Good enough. He mar? ried her. When they had been married about a year (with his mother living in her house and her son in the other), the King's son had to retum to war. After his depar? ture, his wife had two baby boys. Two beau? tifiil boys. The mother wrote a letter to her son who was at war and announced that his wife had delivered two black babies. The xigliest babies she'd ever seen. It was all a I am marrying her for myself, A Warm Welcome Awaits You in HISTORIC LOUISBOURG Cape Breton, N.S. at the Bed dr'Breakfast Home of Mrs. Greta Cross 48 Pepperell St. (902) 733-2833 COMFORTABLE ROOMS HOME COOKING KITCHEN PRIVILEGES • LAUNDRY REFRIGERATION AVAILABLE CHILDREN WELCOME SHELTER FOR BICYCLES AMPLE PARKING SPACE OFF MAIN ST. QUIET AREA - SCENIC VIEW Bienvenue! Ciad Mile Failte! Stevens' General Store "" (FOUNDED IN 1914) Main Street • LOUISBOURG < 733-2060 The Store with Almost Everything! Fresh Meats • Fresh Fish - including Lobster Fresh Produce • Hardware Complete Line of Groceries Ice • Film • Camping Supplies • 6/49 Go on seafari with Island Seafari Sea Kayaking rhi ' RfllQA DAV '' Experience Cape Breton's spectacular coastal scenery by safe, stable i sea kayak tours. MIRA BAY Be'nners welcome! AT CATALONE 20 Paddy's Lane, Louisbourg BOA 1M0 CALL (902) 733-2309 CELLULAR (902) 567-4878 ... the Extraordinary World of Louisbourg ...
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