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> Issue 70 > Page 80 - Advert: Breton Books / The Mother's Arms: Marcellin Hache's Telling of "La Femme aux bras couples"

Page 80 - Advert: Breton Books / The Mother's Arms: Marcellin Hache's Telling of "La Femme aux bras couples"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (130 reads)

Ue. He wrote back to his mother, asking her to have his wife and two black babies exiled in the forest, as he didn't want a wife who had an affair with someone else. So the mother called upon two soldiers and ordered them to kill her son's wife and her children in the forest. She forged a letter as tf it had come from her son, with the order to kill his wife. The two soldiers went to get her son's wife and her two children. They said to her, "Your husband has ordered that you be killed." They handed over the letter that was supposed to have been written by her husband, asking them to kill his wffe and two children. She asked, "How is it possible that he is not the father of the boys? No other man on this earth has had anything to do with me, only my husband." The soldiers repHed, "Well, we know that they resemble their father, but he ordered us to do this, we have to." She grabbed her babies and put one imder each armpit. When they had gone qiaite a distance, one soldier said to the other, "It's awfiil to kill a disabled woman. If she promises to never tell on us, 111 put her in exile in the forest with her two babies." She answered, "If you let me Hve, I promise to never leave the forest." PECK'S GROCERY STORE & LAUNDROMAT • Camping Supplies • Ice • Full Range of Grocery Items HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES Fully Equpped • OPEN YEAR ROUND* 5 Min. from Fortress of Louisbourg RESERVATIONS: 733-2210 LOUISBOURG • CjoTf, turn-of-thc-centuiy home • Victorian decor with many antiques • Each deluxe guest room has its own particular theme, private bath ensuite with Jacuzzi, some with gas fireplaces ! • Views of ocean or woods & stream • Relaxing parlour with fireplace, plen? ty of reading material, games, electric oi';an and always a jigsaw puzzle Enjoy the European flavour of a menu created, by our Scandinavian chef in a fully licensed dining room which caters to the public as well as our guests. Reservations advised. • Smoke-fi-ee environment • Great for that overnight gpt away! • Not suitable for children under 10 yrs. In residence hosts Carole & Bill Swander ' 17 Wolfe Street • LOUISBOURG • (902)733-2171 All right. They let her go. In order to go into the forest, you had to cross a bridge. There was a guard on the bridge and you had to pay fif? ty cents to cross over. Although she was the wife of the King's son, she didn't have a penny. The guard wouldn't let her cross the bridge. The river was low. She went to cross through the river in the water.... It was the same river where her brother had cut off her arms and thrown them in the water. She jumped on a rock in order to cross and she dropped the baby she held on her right into the water. She leaned over to pick up the baby • 'and grabbed her right arm. Her right arm was back in its place. She used it as if it had never been cut off. She made the same gesture with her left arm. She dropped the baby she held on her left side. She grabbed her left arm and put it back in its place. She foimd herself with both arms again. She then crossed over. She went back to the hotel and asked the hotel manager for a room. He said, "Yes, you can stay here." She said, "I don't have a cent." "It makes no difference. You can stay." The next morn? ing, he said, "You can stay here with your two babies." She stayed at the hotel for three years. After three years, her husband returned home from the war. He asked his mother what she'd done with his wife. She did not tell him that she'd ordered her killed. "You asked that she be exiled," she said, "and that's what I did." "Well," he said, "if you ordered her to be exiled, it's pos? sible that she is still Uving. Do you know which soldiers put her in exile?" "Yes." A?A"A"sVtt's?"'?'s?%VvVV??%i"A"AVsVsVW b?S-S-S-A-%"A?A??A"'-%?S?S-S?%"1i"%"%i : MuUins Shell Lo;a:!rXa.e & convenience | [ Tires & Batteries Accessories Camping/Fishing Supplies Hardware ft I Groceries Subs Sandwiches Burgers Pizza % : Baked Goods (Fresh Daily) Post Office Outlet Lottery Tickets % Summer Hours: 7 Days a Week • 6:30 AM to 10 PM ALBERT BRIDGE % LouistiouTg Hwy, Route 22 • 562-1070 % TOWN DAIRY "The Biggest Little Store in Town" 7507 Main Street • Louisbourg • 733-2212 Groceries • Gifts & Supplies • Souvenirs • Lottery Ticlcets Camera Supplies & Developing • Health Care Products Movie Rentals • Dry Cleaners • Florist Camping Supplies • $1.49 Ice OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ( All Tourists: Drop in & get a free local post card! ) On the Road to the Old Town .
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