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> Issue 70 > Page 81 - Advert: Breton Books / The Mother's Arms: Marcellin Hache's Telling of "La Femme aux bras couples"

Page 81 - Advert: Breton Books / The Mother's Arms: Marcellin Hache's Telling of "La Femme aux bras couples"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (142 reads)

Have them sent here. The soldiers were brought to him. The King's son asked, "Did you kiU my wife?" "No, we were not able to kill her. We put her in exile. Your mother had ordered us to kill her, but we didn't. With both her babies, we put them in exile in the forest." "Well then," the King's son said, "it's possible they're still living." He started to search from place to place, coimtry to country, to find his wife. It just happened that he went to the hotel where she was staying. He asked the man? ager if there was a woman staying there with both her arms cut off and two babies that would be about three years old. The manager repKed, "Yes, there is a woman here with two babies about three years old, but she has both her arms." The King's son answered, "Well then, it's not her. But in any case, could I see her?" He said, "Yes." The manager went to show him the woman • 'but it was the portrait of his wife. She did not want to be recog? nized by him for fear he would have her killed. The King's son returned to spend the night at another hotel. He dreamed that he should retum to the hotel the next morning as it was really his wife staying there. She saw him coming. She said to her two sons (who were talking now; they were three), "Quick, Papa is coming. If he comes into this room, you should both say together, 'Good day. Papa.'" Acadian storyteller Marcellin Hach' and his wife. Mr. Hach6 and Loubie Chiasson are the two storytellers featured in Ttie Seven-Headed Beast and Other Acadian Tales. The father of the boys knocked on the door and entered. She said, "Good day," and he repUed, "Good day to you." "Good day, Papa," the boys cried. The father asked, "Why are these children calling me Papa?" She said, "You can't deny it. They're the picture of you." > 2 FINE LOCATIONS • Handcrafts" Water Colours byKENNYBooNE 7535 Main Street, LOUISBOURG (LEWIS & CO. BLDG.) 733-2326 r:'-'*v,'' "D'4-o byKAIHERINEKARNESMUNN j/rameQ i rinis robertbatement??rockwell Wood & Tole' Garden Items' Christmas Corner 11 Commercial Street, GLACE BAY 849-6552 or 849-1030 Louis Bour' OfarSour Inn Delightful haribour-side inn with 8 cozy guest rooms, private baths, balconies, fine public dining, overiooking harbour & historic Fortress. 9 Warren Street., P.O. Box 110, LOUISBOURG, N.S. BOA IMO TOLL FREE RESERVATIONS 1-888-8888-INN Olds Towns Trsasurss |j,yii.|i|,iii||ii||iiiJmij| A m.. Bnnvw ThS TSa-ROOm * delicious desserts * biscuits * cold sandwiches * cabisage rolls * specialty teas & coffees * salads *flatyas * cfieesecakes * always fresfi Cape Breton tea "We feature quality homet)aked goodies of European origin using low-fat ingredients for the health-conscious wherever possible." Ths Trsasurss * photograpfilc gallery depicting creative B/W & colour images * matted prints & pfiotos of picturesque Cape Breton & Newfoundland * small antiques & collectibles * Breton Books & Tapes * a selection of local art & stained glass Hwy. 22 Louisbourg (Albert Bridge area) Open Daily June-December * 567-0101 "COME IN ... . You won't be disappointed." ... and the New ... Vacation in LouisbourgI
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