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> Issue 70 > Page 84 - A Visit with Frank Landry, 91. of Isle Madame

Page 84 - A Visit with Frank Landry, 91. of Isle Madame

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (185 reads)

Halifax or to Boston, and I came out with $5,000 to the good. I was there at 9 o'clock in the morning and I was there 'till 9 at night. Come home to eat and that's all. If you want to work, attend to your business and make money. There's not a damn place around here that won't make a living if he has a little store. People have to eat. And I'll give you a tip on that. There's some big stores, they used to make 20% on goods. Sometimes the price used to go right straight up. It's easy to keep store today. I miss it. Miss it like hell. Because now they're mak? ing about 30% on goods. You go and they have sales for half price. If they can sell something at full price, they make about 50%! I know it because I seen that done. You have people coming from Sydney with agents. And they come every week. And I saw stuff coming in. It had gone up so Hawk Island Light Northern Isle Madame from Lennox Passage to Cap La Ronde, showing Hawk island, Poulamon, and D'Escousse. Right: a snap? shot of the wharf at Poulamon and the coastal vessel Ulna. Beyond that is Crow is? land and, barely seen to the right, is Hawk Island Light. Photo taken September 1947. Recycling Brings Recognition IIP The efforts of a number of p' Nova Scotia businesses have '* been recognized with a national award. The Technology Req'cling Program refurbishes and distributes used computers, accessories and software • donated by Nova Scotia businesses and organizations • to schools, Ubraries and related institutions. We're proud to be a part of this partnership which includes NovaKnowledge, Nova Scotia Teachers Union, Nova Scotia School Boards Association, Federation de parents acadiens de la NouveUe-Ecosse, Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations, Industry Canada and the Telephone Pioneers. To find out how you can be recognized as part of this unique recycling program, please call: Technology Recycling Co-ordinator Learning Resources and Technology 902-424-5229 Department of Education and Culture much that I hated to make 20%. I made 10%. The following week I'd buy it again.... They had it in the truck. It was better for me to make 10%. I made 20% in two weeks. If I wouldn't have done that I'd have done nothing. Listen, there's all kinds of (tricks) in keeping a store. It's true, I studied it. There's a study in being self-employed and that's what I'm telling you. If you're self-employed, you are going to study your own life. Listen, I (know a fellow) in Halifax, he saved about, perhaps he's got $30,000. He bought a new car, got a boy and a girl. Who's U-DO CRAFT SUPPLIES LOCAL CRAFTS WICKER AND WOOD Crafts & Supplies AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Drop in and, enjoy our targe selection for your personal use or Jor gijts. 1818 KING'S ROAD, SYDNEY B1P6G5 C 564-9877 HORYL'S Superior Sausage Co. jCtd. 5247 Union Hwy. • NEW WATERFORD • B1H 4K4 Phone 862-7177 or 862-7178 SOME OF OUR FINE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: jggijk' * Polish Sausage • jgB3P'' * Salami * Kolbassa ''''2|fe * '''??''c Bologna (OJ'P' * Hot Pepperoni * Weiners ''BH0' * White Pudding ij''''k * Medium Hot Pepperoni '''''Vm* Black Pudding ' • 'j'j'P * Sliced Pizza Pepperoni ''BiP * Cooked Ham * Roast Beef * Italian Sausage We take pride in using only the finest government inspected meats, and the care it takes to make our sausages. When you ask for Hoiyl's, you get the best. • SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY DELI MEATS FOR OVER 60 YEARS • 84
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