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> Issue 70 > Page 93 - A Visit with Frank Landry, 91. of Isle Madame

Page 93 - A Visit with Frank Landry, 91. of Isle Madame

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (153 reads)

dollars. And I'd an insurance of $1,500. Well, I was paying $28, I think, a month. That was a hell of a lot of money to pay-- and live. But there was half of the insu? rance paid. So I came home and--my first wife, she was kind of a joy--I came home and I had an insurance first of $500. Well, I owed it pretty well. I paid all bills and everything, one of them was at college. So the second year her insurance was a thousand dollars. Well, I thought to my? self: The $500 is gone, this one here the damn thousand dollars'd be going anyway. So I came home and I says--her name was "Gladys," I says, "how trip?" "Taking a trip?" She my father- and mother-in- "Where do you want to go?" go to the States. Your fam? ily's in the States, my family's in the States. Why don't we take a trip?" Sonny wasn't walking, the barn full of cattle, and my father- and mother-in-law to look after. But we had a good woman next door, she used to work home anyway. She said, "When will you go?" I said, "Day after to? morrow." I didn't want her to change her mind. I wanted to have it quick. But she says, "Now I know you're crazy!" Well, we talked anyway. "Well," she says. Gladys--I says, about taking a had three kids, law. She said, I says, "We'll Ail Types of Collision Work! Specializing Spot Repaii 3 SYDNEY'S COMPLETE COLLISION REPAIR CENTRE 539-2848 • 539-1033 61 BEECH • SYDNEY BIP 6R7 Acadia University Distance Education • Quality university credit courses leading to a university certificate, diploma, * or bachelor's degree • Direct contact with superb professors • Friendly, personal service anywhere in the worid! For more information Acadia University Continuing Education WolMlle, Nova Scotia BOP 1X0 902 542-2201 ext 1434 Fax 902 542-3715 WWWIittp:// Acadia Continuing Education IfiCfVASCOnA FROM BWENOSE GEORIES TO DINGHIES, PUNTS AND DORIES, CEEEBRATE THE YEAR OF THE WOODEN BOAT Join us as we salute our sea- raring past in restivals, museums and song. We've got special events and activities planned province wide tnat capture all tne excitement or our maritime traditions. For a complete list of ./f'fc;'. wnat's nappen- 11 - . ;.YEAROFTHE mg, )ust call us. WGDDENBOAT Tbiirism''Ii Honourable Robert S. Harrison, Minister Call today tor all tlie 'OC'oaen Boat tin, 1-800-565-0000 Op. 244
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