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> Issue 70 > Page 94 - A Visit with Frank Landry, 91. of Isle Madame

Page 94 - A Visit with Frank Landry, 91. of Isle Madame

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (140 reads)

it's left to you. I went and I put a fellow at my place in the lighthouse and I told the fellow to look out for the cat? tle, he was working home anyway sometimes. I went to see a woman that she was going to look after the house. We went to Bos? ton. I was there two weeks. Santa Glaus was at every window when I left. Geez, we had a wonderful time. Went by train. Spent $500. Hell of a good time. Game home, we were both happy. I worked hard enough to pay that insurance for 7 or 8 years. I didn't mind it. So I lived that way.... Listen, I want money in the credit union when I die. I don't want nobody to pay ex? penses on me. My son gave me an album two years ago and there's six little bottles I in there of whiskey, and it's in the album--and that's for the pallbearers. And, of course, I got? ta buy a bigger one for the priest! You know, years ago there wasn't such a thing Quality Cameras Building, corner George & Dorchester Streets. PEOPLE YOU CAN TALK TO. CAMERAS and COMPUTERS THE ONE-STOP MULTIMEDIA STORE le are committed to provide tlie liigliest quality I in cameras & computer equipment. Our products Ihave tlie most features available for tlie best lvalue. The quality commitment also extends to |our photofinishing. • Quality Cameras & Accessories • Quality Photo Finishiing • Quality Video Equipment & Supply • Quality Computer Equipment TI Dorchester Streets 562-3600 as caskets.... They were coffins. (What made them different?) Well, a coffin is made so cheap, you know; they have two boards like that and they have a flat top. There's no moldings at all like a casket. And then they'd sheet that with white cot? ton , that's it. That's the cheap .... And you know what the priest was telling me some time ago. Father MacDonald, here. He says, "The richest place there is is the cemetery." How much money is paid to bury people today? From $500 to $1000. Mahogany caskets, polished casket and everything-- and it's going in the ground. And, you know, it's: Who's going to have the best thing. I don't want that. You know, years ago if you were buried around $50 or so, my God, it was a big thing. They'd make a casket or something, or they'd buy--well, you'd buy a casket for about $40, well-lined, too, years ago. That was a lot of money years ago. (Do you think that stuff is important?) Important? I'm gonna tell you what's important. I think it's: Who's going to make the biggest show when you die. (Is that what you care about?) No, I don't. (What do you care about?) I care about this: I'd like to have a simple burial, a decent one, that's all. Not the 6 or $8,0000--about $4,000, see, and that's a lot of money. ($4,000 you'd like?) Yeah. I find that's quite a bit of money. You're well-buried • YOUR COMPLETE INTERIOR DECORATING CENTRE • Mr. Paint Ltd. "Drop in for personalized, friendly service." ' Free Computer Matching Service WALLCOVERINGS SImms - Pintar BRUSHES & PAINTING ACCESSORIES Complete line of , ~~~r' BENJAMIN MOORE PRODUCTS TOfj'f'/ (residential • commercial • Industrial) ' • (367 GEORGE STREET, SYDNEY, N. S. B1P1K2 ?? 539-3422) A Pioneer Company ROBIN'S • NOW 230 YEARS OLD • ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, INC. The company was founded around 1766 by the Robin fami? ly from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. These French-speaking immigrants to Arichat and Cheticamp supplied the local fishermen with their ba? sic necessities and took the fishermen's catch to markets around the world. Robin's have evolved to include furni- , bulding supplies, and groceries Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 • Invemess, N.S. 258-2241 94
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