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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (297 reads)

The Pipes, A Journey of Discovery into the World of the Bagpipes! A NEW VIDEO BY PETER MURPHY 90-minute video • $29.95 The Pipes are Calling, f NEW BAGPIPE) VIDEO EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU HATE BAGPIPES, THIS VIDEO WILL BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE! The sound, the landscape and colour • visits with people who play and make pipes in Canada, Ireland, Scotland and France • the combined music of over 400 pipers and hurdy gurdy players, plus staggering individual performances • then back to the New World to explore the rich piping traditions of Eastem Canada, the historic warpipes, and the community dance piper tradition of Cape Breton. Performers include Cape Breton's Alex Currie and Barry Shears, Ireland's Finbar Furey and Robert Amyofs bagpipe group from France. Plus an alternative Pipers Convention in the U.S.A. and the bagpipes of Celtic Rock. This lively, entertaining docu-travelogue is an amazing and tender video experience, laced with fascinating people, unusual information, humour, rich scenery, and great music! There is artistry in Peter Murphy's presentation, there is the devotion and enthusiam of the players, there are the gorgeous land? scapes • and there is history and the wonderful music of the pipes. For all of us, through this video, Cape Breton piping makes a whole world of sense. FIDDLERS ON THIS VIDEO: Buddy MacMaster • Theresa MacLellan Brenda Stubbert • Robert Stubbert Jerry Holland • Jackie Dunn • Jeffrey Gosse' Sandy Maclntyre • Sheila Cameron CARRYING ON THE TRADITIONS is a good rich sampling of Cape Breton Fiddling today • to watch or simply listen to. Over and over. This video is aimed at the fiddler and the fiddle fanatic. If you want the music and how individual musicians make it, this video is definitely for you. There is very little Cape Breton scenery • if s the musicians performing seated in one spot • but you'll get plenty of music, music, music. How each holds the violin and the bow, from the seated danc? ing of Rodney MacDonald, to the barely perceptible movements of Robert Stubbert, to Theresa MacLellan's authority and grace • this is what the video provides. No one should miss Brenda Stubbert's daughter Tracey's absolutely marvelous stepdancing. Produced by Fiddler Magazine, this package includes a very good booklet with: an article by Sandy Maclntyre on "Fiddling, Cape Breton Style," an analysis by Kate Dunlay of the fiddlers' individual playing styles, little biographies of each performer, a list of more books and re? cordings by and about the performers • and of course, a complete list of 9ll the tunes in the order they are played. 90-minute video $49.95 Celebrating 7' Years Cape Breton's MAGAZINE ' TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of Cape Breton's Magazine is a success for all of us. IT'S A SUCCESS for our advertisers, who make Cape Breton's Magazine 'ossihlt, and continue to keep it alive. It's a success for our readers, who continue to encourage, enjoy, and challenge us to make an even better portrait of Cape Breton Island. And it's a success for literally hundreds of people • living and dead • 'who have contributed their stories to Cape Breton's Magazine. With your support, we con? tinue to collect and publish ex? amples of the vigour, good hu? mour, singularity, and courage that make Cape Breton a unique people and place. JOIN US IN OUR 25th YEARI Subscribe, Renew, & Subscribe for Friends CORRECTION TO ISSUE 70: We want to thank Derrick MacGillivray, Librari? an, Canadian Coast Guard College, for his help in preparing the article about the wreck of the Kismet II, in Issue 70. ORDER FORM BOOKS PRICE QTY. Cape Breton Works $19.95 (MORE STORIES FROM CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE) The Boy from Port Hood $15.95 tapes/CDs/videos The MacLellan Trio Compact Disc.. . $19.95 _ Cassette Tape. .. $11.95 _ The Lighthouse Collection Book-&-Compact Disc.. . $27.95 _ Book-&-Cassette Tape. .. $27.95 - Cassette Tape. .. $11.95 _ The Pipes Are Calling Video $29.95 _ Carrying on the Traditions .Video $49.95 _ SUBSCRIPTIONS to Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 4 issues inside Canada $19.00 _ 4 issues outside Canada U. S. Currency $24.00 _ or Can. Currency .. . $27.00 - TOTAL OF ITEMS: PLEASE ADD 7% G.S.T.. SHIPPING IN CANADA: Please add $4.50 for the first 2 Items, then add $1.00 for each additional item. OUTSIDE CANADA: Add $4.00 for each item TOTAL: Postal Code: Phone: ElviSA n MASTERCARD [I] Enclosed nnrnnnLoxiTT'nn: Exp.:i 'i [ 'i I Signature:, -!t!ji::! j''i'!:'5:fj'!:!:!:''''!'!'!'' '!?!l,' Send cheque, money order, or credit card # and expiry date to: Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thornpson • Paul Cranford DECEMBER 1996
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