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Page 80 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (190 reads)

home, or if we were in school, school, well, we'd do that. or after We used to help a lot, you know, in between and after school. And on Saturdays we wer? en't let go for all day long to go here and there to spend a day. We'd have to stay home and work, and help, no matter what. I remember my sister and me, we had a big kitchen, and it was a wooden floor. And there was no covering on it. And every Saturday afternoon that floor had to be scrubbed, with a scrubbing brush. And it was done, divided--so many boards on that side, and then this side. And my sister would take one side and I'd take the oth? er. And I can remember so well, we'd each do our piece, you know, and fire the scrubbing brush to the other one. And when U Business ??or People" new dawn enterprises ltd. you're through, fire it back! I remember all that, just as though it happened yes? terday. Yeah. I remember everything we did, my sister, when we were home.... And we grew up to be very, very obedient. Look, we honoured and respected our father and mother, I can tell you. We would no more think of saying any back talk--look, it would never come into our mind. We wouldn't know what we were doing, and our father, I think, would drop dead if we ev? er did. Because we would never know where it came from, or how we grew to be like that. We were very strictly brought up, very, very strictly. And I don't know, I think--there was a trend all through my life. I wasn't strict on (my daughter) Pearl, but I can tell you that that girl never gave us one hour of trouble. She was a darling, she was so good. I can't understand it. Of course, I was a little ter? ror, you know. I mean, I wasn't really bad. But I poked into everything, you know what I mean. More so than my sisters.... Real Estate • Cape Breton Association for Housing Development Provides housing for low and low-middle income families • Pine Tree Park Estates Ltd. Located at former radar base, providing housing for seniors and families, as well as incubator space for small businesses l-lealth Care • The New Dawn Guest Home A 30-bed residential facility providing quality care for seniors • Cape Care Services Ltd. A home care company providing personal and nursing services to people in their own home • Home Living Ltd. A program where families provide home care for up to three seniors Training, Education and Consulting • Highland Resources Ltd A registered trade school providing certification for personal care workers • Volunteer Resource Centre Coordinates the work of 300 community volunteers. Programs include Meals on Wheels, Each One Teach One and a visitation program for seniors • MISSION STATEMENT • New Dawn Enterprises Ltd is a community development corporation committed to establishing and operating locally-based ventures that contribute to the creation of a self-supporting community. Tel: 539-9560 • Fax:539-7210 And after a big windfall, those nice apples, you know? We had what they call--we had two trees, the apples were called Early Transpar? ent. They were clear--you could almost see through them, they were so clear. And they were right whitish --pale, pale, beautiful shade of sea green. And there were two of those trees. And they were the early ones. They'd be ripe before any of the others. And, you know, everybody would be coming home with their baskets and their buckets--25 cents for a great big bucket of those beautiful apples. Just you imagine, when I think of it. And we would pick them up off of the ground, because when we would have a heavy windstorm--they were early ones, and they were supposed to be picked early. And they were ripe, you know. And oh, boy, would the wind make an awful ruction with them. So we'd go and we'd pick them all up, and we'd have our dad, like that, that he'd say, "Now," he'd say, "I'm going to go and put them on board the cart or the wagon.
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