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Page 81 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (165 reads)

and I'm going to go and sell those apples now." And he'd say to us, "Now, how much would you like for me to give you now, for picking all those apples?" We'd say, "We don't want anything. Dad, we ate some of the apples." "Well, here's 25 cents for each one of you." Well, did we think we were rich, when we had 25 cents. I'm telling you. Oh, my--my goodness. And he had gooseberry trees--he had a doz? en gooseberry trees.... He had two or? chards. One didn't have such good apples. But now it's all grown up, you know. They'd go wild after awhile. And we had lots of fish, we had lots of everything, we had lots of vegetables. My mother used to grow a beautiful garden. Beautiful garden. We had dried fish. And we'd keep herring and we'd keep mackerel and we'd keep cod? fish, and we'd keep everything. We had more than enough than what we needed. It was wonderful. And in the basement of our house, there was just a big (hole)--it wasn't finished with cement. And then it was kind of fixed that the earth wouldn't fall, you know, with big stones all around. And we'd keep enough potatoes in the winter. It would never freeze in those cellars. No, because we had fire all winter up above. And we'd keep everything in there. We'd keep tur? nips and carrots and potatoes and every? thing that we'd grow in the garden. We had food in abundance. We used to give a lot to the poor people. Oh, they used to be so pitiful. And my husband--we got rid of everything we grew on the farm. When he'd go to sell his meat, he'd take the vegetables along. Those that could afford it, paid for it. Those that couldn't, he gave it to them. That's what he did. God above knows how good he was. That's why I think he took him in such an easy way. He died so easy, sitting, driving his car. Coming to meet me. to pick me up at the bus station. I had gone to have an operation on my eye. And I was coming home. And he was coming to meet me. And when he got in Pou- lamon. the engine stopped--they noticed the engine stopped and everything. Here was the motor running and here he was. They thought he was asleep at the wheel. Called the doc? tor- -he's dead. And that's the message they brought to me when I came in on the bus. That's the message I got. The minister was there...and my good friend. Allan MacDo? nald. always ready to help out--he was there. ready to tell me the news.... (How old was your husband when he died?) Well, he was born in 1897, and he died in 1986. He died on March 1st, and his birth? day was March the 7th. And on March the 7th. he would have been 89.... Oh, the friends. When you talked about Lennox Mauger coming, it was a real circus among them. They all would rush around like, like he was precious. As long as they didn't steal him from me! I could hold onto him that far, anjrway! Big, tall, six-foot. They all loved him, but he loved me. And I wouldn't let him go. I only ''We're Proud To Be Growing With Nova Scotia/' :$: • : • ; Ml ' m. 'k'A ' STORA? ii & '. Mr A' i M m: : • : • : • : • >: • . Stora Port Hawkesbury Ltd. P.O. Box 59, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada BOE 2V0 Tel. (902) 625-2460
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