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> Issue 72 > Page 36 - Ghost Fishing: One Voice from the East Coast Groundfish Diaster

Page 36 - Ghost Fishing: One Voice from the East Coast Groundfish Diaster

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (305 reads)

encourage the same kind of technologies that they used to destroy their fishery in their own countries. Gillnets are of a synthetic monofilament material. First, when they were introduced, they were just old cotton nets that could rot away or get on the ocean bottom for a while and dete- Iriorate. But that hasn't been the case for the past fifteen or more years. I would take a stab and say that millions of them are out there right now ghost fishing. With the excep? tion of this community (Petty Harbour), every? one used them and they were introduced as a part of fishing practices all WHILE IN St, Pete4'e STOP - STAY & ENJOY OUR WARIVl UNIQUE HOSPITALITY THROUGHOUT OUR COMMUNITY & COUNTY Discover Cape Breton Differently! KAYAK TOURS INSTRUCTION • RENTALS • KAYAKS • CANOES • BIKES • LOG COTTAGES on the Bras d'Or Lake PRIVATE & SCENIC Ask for brochure: KAYAK CAPE BRETON R. R. 2, West Bay, N. 8. BOE 3K0 FAX or PHONE (902) 535-3060 Q[acC'cCin??s Xmas & Crafts "Sfioppe' / f Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM ' (' Thursday & Friday: 9 AM - 9 PM ?? Sunday: 9 AM - 7 PM J 9711 GRENVILLE ST. • #4 HIGHWAY • ST. PETERS Phone 535-2248 • open yearly from May 1 to December 24 L'AUBERGE ACADIENNE TKMXIIONAI. WlhCIATI KV(;A1)IS INN OPEN YEAR ROUND • Acadian Cuisine in a traditional setting Newly Renovated. Luxury accommodations in a 19th Century period setting. At Arichat on Isle Madame Call: (902) 226-2200 over eastern Canada. And as they deterio? rate or get torn, or anything like that, fishermen, as careless as they are on many occasions, not looking at the future, ei? ther discard them or throw them overboard. This is of particular concern out in mid? dle distance waters with those modern type 50, 60 footers in the last 8 or 10 years as they get farther afield, using them on the nose and tail of the banks and the Virgin Rocks and anywhere else where there are shoals in the mid-distance waters be? tween here and the 200 mile limit. Most of them have to run out of storms a lot of the time, with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them being used by a single boat, and they don't get time to take them back because of the storms and everything else. When they go back they can't find Travel Richmond County *s Route 4 LYNN'S FLOWERS & GIFTS m MASTERCARD VISA AMERICAN EXPRESS ''Something Special for Someone Special" Flowers & Gifts for Any Occasion Fruit Baskets |!!'% Crafts & Craft Supplies Framed MacAskill Prints ' '' Souvenirs Balloons & Balloon Bouquets P.O. Box 88 ST. PETERS BOE 3B0 (902) 535-2377 Me?c'. Morrison JumratHomt PRE-ARRANGEMENT INFORMATION AVAILABLE Stvoing the community for over 3S years tuitd sympathy and understanding. Poinding a supportive environment luith quiet efficiency. P 0 Box 10 • ST. PETER'S • 535-2119 St. Peter's Campground Fleur-de-Lis Trail and Route #4 St. Peter's • Camping • Cabins • Playground • 2 Pools • Recreation Hall • Arcade • 3-Way Hookup • Cable TV • Showers • Laundry • Open June 1 to September 30 Tenters Welcome! STAFF ON DUTY 24 HOURS 535-3333 FAX 53S-X202
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