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Page 65 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (205 reads)

has to go to work." If they considered somebody being rich, they were arrested and they were shipped to Russia, to Siberia, as people who were exploiting workers. We had a few houses and (my father) probably would be considered also as a rich man. But the people my father kept in the barbershop were considered as students. He was teach? ing them how to be barbers. So he wasn't exploiting, he was teaching. Also, because I think (the Russians) were getting sick, too. And they used to call my father--when they needed leeches or they needed some of the (other medicine). And I think that was one of the reasons they didn't send us to Russia. But he had to work for the Russians, he had to be a worker. We had to go to work. So, like any parents, my mother was very protective of us. So she sent me to work (with) an aunt of mine who was a seamstress. I stayed {there, and I was learning how to sew, oh, for quite a while. But then there wasn't so much income (for us), when my father had to work for them, not for him? self. So I decided to go and work also at the barbershop as a cashier. I worked there, I think, practically till the Russians retreated from Tarnopol.... We went two years (through) the Rus? sian occupation.... With their money-- which wasn't worth much--they bought anything they saw in "Experience a New World of Shopping" A collection of Maritime handcrafts, Canadian pine, woolens, folk art, country clothing, gifts and accessories. Major Credit Cards Accepted A Cape Breton Country Store OPEN DAILY (902) 295-2868 Chebucto Street Baddeck A channing Victorian House ?? tLtVanArrl ilUUDE in the heart of B ADDE CK, with gracious dining in an elegant setting. A tnily delightful Maritime Scottish Breakfast, Businessman's Lunch, and Daily Dinner Specials. Children's Orders as well. Open Every Day of the Weeic • Fully Licensed Dining Room Relax in the warmth of open fires, stroll at your leisure thru this historic house where courtesy and hospitality have been a tradition for over 100 years. A place to free the sou inquire About Our Weekend Room Rates • CALL 295-1100 the stores. They cleaned the stores completely out. And they used to ship all kinds of food back to Russia. So, we were on rations. We'd only get so much rations of bread, so much of sugar. We used to stay in the lines from.early in the mornings. Me, and I had two sisters with me. And it was cold, the winter. We learned a few tricks--staying in the same line, we had two or three different places. So in? stead of getting a pound (of sug? ar) , we'd get two or three. Then if there were other items like butter or shoes or clothes, you bought whatever was available be? cause you could later exchange it or sell it for things we need.... Anyway, my father managed to hide some things. He had some jewelry that he hid from (the Russians). When the Germans came in--I'm mix? ing the German occupation with the Russian, but it comes to my mind when I talk about the jewel? ry. I remember when the Germans took the Jewish people to the concentration camp, or the working camp, we'd line up. So they were saying. Welcome to Baddeck SCHEDDIE June 28 July 6 July 7 Julys July 10 July 11 July 13 July 14 July 15 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 21 July 22 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 29 July 31 Aug. 1 Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 14 Aug. 16 Aug. 17 Cher Leoni Songs of Celebration Oliver Schroer John Grade Mulgrave Rood Theatre Tanglefoot Ion Homlnick JP Cormier Guitar Summit A Gaelic Evening SAPPY Barachois Quigley Ensemble Michelle Boudreau Samson Songwriters' Circle Laura Smith Valerie Kinslow Jennifer Roland Les l-iobitonts Maritime Marionettes Lo Revue Musicole Acodienne Mary Jane Lomond Copper Family Brakin' Tradition Legacy Aug. 18,19 Summertime Revue | Aug. 24 s j-iighlond Heights Enterprise "'[if' I'H' Cape Breton >?W 'Z' Corporation Ts''ZlTJ'"' St" CAPEBRPTONPOST No'isooiu _ ' ROYAL BANK 'g' HduMaurie 65
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