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> Issue 72 > Page 66 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Page 66 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (184 reads)

If you have something valuable, they won't take your daughter. The men who were in charge (said this), the Jewish police--so my mother had that ring that she hid from the Russians. She said, "I have a nice dia? mond ring"--because they caught my younger sister to send her to the camps. So she gave the diamond ring to that German and he said, "Oh, I don't want any children in those camps. Let her go!" But he (really) let her go because my mother gave him that diamond ring. Which, we were thinking, she saved her. But some of the people who went in that camp survived. And my sister didn't. She got killed in the ghetto.... The memories are flushing together. I'm mixing the German occupation and the Rus? sian occupation. What I want to say, the Russians didn't kill--not that I know of. I Maybe the top offi? cials, the military, the big brass. But the peo- Heavenly Angels & Glass Creations Gift Shop & Stained Glass Studio Open Year Round Glass Crafts: • Stained Glass by Wendy Smith • Blown Glass by Jon Sawyer • Glass Engraving • Glass Mosaics Angels: • Seagull Pewter • Seraphim Classics • Teddy Angels & Dreamsicles • Porcelain - Locally Crafted • T-Shirts - Original Designs • Jewelry, Stationary & Candles Stained Glass Supplies: • Glass • Tools & Books • Lamps We are proud to feature a large selection of hand crafted items done by local artists. Chebucto Place 503 Chebucto St., Baddeck, N.S. • BOE IBO (902) 295-1999 or Toll Free 1-888-AN-ANGEL Glenda walks mej three tiines a day! ' 1/ / / g Also... All Wood Parts for Tole Painting (Finished or Unfinished) ON CABOT TRAIL, WEST OF BADDECK Exit 7 (Cabotland) • 3.5 Ian. off T.C.H. HOURS: 7:30 - 5:00 MONDAY-FRIDAY pie, they didn't touch anybody. Just, life was hard. We didn't get enough of food or clothes. We learned to live with that, and to manage the best we could.... So we learned to do different things to make our life more comfortable. When the Germans came in, they took away from the Jewish people all the fancy houses and apartments they were living in, and they made a ghetto which took (in) just so many streets in the end of the city and they sent all the Jews there. That was after a few killings; there were a lot less. Then Germans crammed all the people into the ghetto and you didn't have many places where to live. So we had to take into our apartment other people. The most important thing when they opened the ghetto was the hiding places. Hiding places. Because they started to kill. So, I remember when the Germans came in. July. It was very, very hot. We had a rel? ative, a cousin, living across from us. But there were a lot of trees in the gar? den and the house was hid? den.... So my mother--she dressed (the men) as women be? cause the Germans were killing the men first in our city. So she dressed them as women and she took them over to my cou? sin's place. She had a base? ment that you go in--you know those doors you have in the floor?--then you covered it with carpet or something. And she hid those men in the base? ment. But she didn't hide my father.... Why my mother didn't dress him like the others, I can't remember. We went over there. My father, and moth? er, and my two sis? ters were with me-- and we were shiv? ering. You know, when you're frightened and you A subtle hint to my While you 're away, I need full-time love arhill Kennels gives me all ; that and more! When 1 board vith Glenda I'm nevei-bored!! And she r. Vaccination certificate required. • 4 years exp. as a vet as: ' ' ' >g-grooming by appt. • high quality petfood '/a' COMPLETE CUSTOIUI SIZE WINDOWS VINYL OR WOOD REPLACEMENT OR NEW CONSTRUCTION ALSO: DOORS (STEEL & PATIO) VINYL SIDING SOFFIT & FASCIA SHUTTERS, MOULDINGS GLASS & MIRROR KITCHEN CABINETS FREE ESTIMATES 295-2549 FAX 295-2952 Evenings & Saturday Appointments Available The Doorway to the Heart of Cape Breton ... 66
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