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Page 69 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (209 reads)

shot him. As he fell, he was wearing glasses, the glasses fell off and broke. After we knew he got killed, my mother, well, she cried, and then she just went, like, frozen, completely. She said, "All I want to do is find his body and bury him." And, of course, that's a Jewish custom, to bring him to rest. Things that come right now to my mind that I remember is my aunt--my father's sister --came over. She said, "Let's go look. See if we can find him." But the bodies were already starting to decay. In July it was hot, and flies. So we went to a barber? shop- -they had a lot of cologne and other things--and we took some of it. The smell was so bad, the stench of the dead bodies. They were looking and...they finally found the place. And there was a Ukrainian po? liceman guarding it--for whatever reason I don't know--but they were staying, watch? ing all those graves so people wouldn't take pictures or.... My mother spoke very good Ukrainian, and she spoke to that Ukrainian policeman. She said, "Look, my husband lays in that. I'd like to bury him. Would you let me take his body?" At this time, you know, they were wearing those pocket watches on the chain--and my father had a pocket watch with a chain. And he had a ring...whatev- Anna and Richie Blufarb, after World War Two er. "I'll let you have the watch and the ring, just let me take the body." He said, "You come back when it starts to be dark" --you know, when the Germans go back to the barracks or whatever--"and I'll let you take out the body." BUS. 625-5135 FAX 62S3851 ,, HOME 787-2988 //IffUSICSTOP' OPERATED BY: NJOHN DONALD CAMERON Smanarfr ' , ' CAiVIERON IVIUSIC SALES 307 GRANVILLE ST. PORT HAWKESBURY, N.S. BOE 2V0 VIDEOS: One Warm Line • Legacy of Stan Rogers (live performances of his best known songs) A Fiddle Lesson with Natalie MacMaster (intermediate level, Cape Breton style) Heart of the Gael (60 minutes of beautiful Cape Breton scenery, music & conversation) ALL MUSIC SUPPUES So my mother, to sell fruit on the streets, those fruit stands? Only they used to keep it on, well, it was like a flat platform and it had twelve wheels. So they got a hold of one of those wagons. They went over and they took him out. I think it was al? ready a few days after he was killed be- her sisters--(people) used MANUFACTURED IN CAPE BRETON TILT & TURN WINDOWS & PATIO DOORS BY... Poly Tech PRODUCTS LTD. Canarfan Home Builders : Association Visit Our Showroom 3 Km. West of Baddecli, CB. • Solid Vinyl European Design for Comfort, Durability & Security 'Bay, Bow, Round, Top Windows, Skylights • Garden Doors • Custom Made to Your Specifications Ask About Our Exceptional Warranty Phone 295-3163 Fax 295-3246 Toll Free 1-888-295-5995 1 BETTENS CONSTRUCTION '">??"?- I [ General Contracting ] Residential & commercial FOUNDATIONS • FLOORS REINFORCED CONCRETE SLABS • RAISING OF BUILDINGS 1 SEWER & WATER LINES • CONCRETE CRACK REPAIR • CONCRETE SAW CUTTING 1 PHONE (902) 849-7639 • fax (902) 849-6566 157 Main St. U OR 1-800-BETTENS ''S"'';"'-'" ' (1-800-238-8367) BIA 4Z1 | Serving Cape Breton Since 1929 69
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