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Page 68 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (190 reads)

The irony (of) that memory brings back different thoughts. My father didn't be? lieve too much, or he was not so sure that there exists another world. "If you go to hell or to heaven," he said, "nobody came back, nobody tell us how it is." He used to have his philosophy about life. And he said, "If I am dead, I don't care if they bury me in a marsh." And that's just where we found him. He was shot and killed and thrown into a marsh. DELI & CAFE BAKERY.NATURAL FOODS I [OPEN I MONC OPEN YEAR ROUND! WINTER HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8 AM - 5:30 PM SATURDAY 9 AM - 5 PM NO! 11 • J I remember that--after all the killing-- that people were laying everywhere. A lot Of killing was going on, you know. The Jewish people used to have butcher shops and a lot of them were in a basement. And we used to kill the cattle (there). Labour Minister Manning MacDonald Summer has always been a special time in (Tape Breton. It's a season for people to retum home on vacation and for tourists to discover the wonderful is? land we call home. Cape Breton's Magazine has played a key role in keeping all of us aware of the Cape Breton of today and reminding us of the rich past. The stories you tell are our stories. We have learned from them, we have been in? spired and entertained. The stories in Cape Breton's Magazine are the records of today preserved for tomorrow. It's hard to believe 25 years have gone by since you first arrived in our homes. It's been a time of change for Cape Breton • a time you have chronicled in your unique way. Because of your efforts we are not only more informed but prouder of the island. Keep up the good work. We depend on your unique look at the people and places of Cape Breton. MmsGonA Department of Labour And they used to take the Jewish men and they used to tie them up and they used to torture them and kill them in those places. And some of them they just killed on the streets. You could see a lot of dead bod? ies on the streets. They used to use the horses and wagons and throw all the dead people on those wagons. Maybe, how many, a dozen of them. Depends how big that wagon was. And they were dumping them. Like, my father, they that marsh. Next to us was a bakery, and they were bak? ing bread for the army. So whoever was the baker, he got a pass from the German au? thorities not to shoot him. Because he baked the bread. One of them told us that they took my father and they buried him in that marsh. That was known because there were a lot of Polish and Ukrainian men and women who were, I would say--I don't know how you call them--lower class or whatev? er- -and the Jewish people had just a lit? tle place where you drink beer, (eat a) sandwich. So they used to lock the door up when the word came out. So those Polish and Ukrainian women or men, whoever--they broke into those places, drank a lot of that liquor. They got drunk, and they took whatever they could find. And as they were marching the Jewish men to some place where they could kill them, they'd beat them over the head. It was one of those men who was baking bread, he told me that one of the women, drunk, she had a big iron poker, she hit my father on the head and he fell. So the German soldier went over and MR. Fl's Custom Picture Framing specializing in Custom Fiamii' • Needlepoint Fraining • Paper Tole Framii' • Dry Mounting and Laminatii' Good selection of mouldings and acid-free mats at reasonable prices 308R Commercial St., NORTH SYDNEY (ACROSS FROM SCOTIA BANK PARKING LOT) MON-FRI 10-5 or by appointment 794-8826 20 CAR SHOWROOM 1997 Pathfinder 4x4 NOW IN STOCK • Also Available in 4-Door • 68
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