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> Issue 72 > Page 83 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting

Page 83 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (181 reads)

transcribed firom Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald's cassette: "House Parties and 78s" Tom Marsh's Hornpipe Vincent MacGillivray "n JJ I J H,rr.i 11 f I HJ iJ NJf'ri rTTJ JJ i J r.rr'i'rrr Tr J*J JIJ '' [Lult|jJJJJ "TJ U IjJJ J JIJ' QJJ11 I I g Above: "Tom Marsh's Hornpipe" • made for Bill's father, a fid? dler who loved hornpipes. Right: A rare photo of music at Laf- fln's Beach. The fiddler on the left Is a MacKinnon. Then Tom Marsh, Ralph Gregor on vibes, an unltnown third fiddler. Dr. Miller from New Waterford, & Big Buddy MacSween on trumpet. them. And then the younger men, while they were phasing it out, should be more pro? ductive. Younger men'd be there producing. And at the end of it, the younger men would have the mobility to go somewhere else when the time came. And what happened is that: we dropped it from 7500 men down to 2500 men--without anybody walking the streets at all. Just through doing that. But--I might as well tell you the truth. They're still crying about it, you know. I had men stacked everywhere. They were over-force...every? where. On the surface, on the railroad, in the machine shop, all the pits--we had men hanging off of the chandeliers! Laughs. 1 should be in the penitentiary! (And you were responsible for that.) Oh, yes, yes, yes. I handled it right by the letter of the law. I had it in the contract, where no man could be laid off, when they're phasing out, unless alternate employment was provided. I didn't give a God damn--we were going out of business anyway! What do we care? Survival then, eh? So, some of them are still there! Laughs. And the only time that you were going to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the coal industry--when they stopped phas? ing out and they start to phase up--was when we ran into the Oil Crisis. And what did the Oil Crisis do? The Oil Crisis al? lowed the price of coal to rise up where ?? M w.. Canada's #1 Eating Place! Smitty's 5' Family Restaurant Port Hastings Over 140 outlets across Canada to serve you Breakfast All Day • In-House Specials At the Rotary in Port Hastings OPEN YEAR ROUND I it should be.... That gave you markets, then, in areas that you never could even think of selling coal before. Because you THECHRONICIE-HESAID The Mail-Star Tanr SehednlB *i7 2-4 5-7 )une9-10 12-14 lunelS June 20 lune 21 842-157; Antigonish, St. F.X.U. Aud. 867-3333 i Halifax, Rebecca Cohn Aud. 494-3820 Liverpool, Astor Theatre 354-5250 Musquodoboit, Bicentennial Theatre 384-2424 Truro, CEC Aud. _' M • ,o • 'r,i-. 895-16815S8Si a& 'fc'S'sr'' Show time - 8:00 p.m. i fbafuriiias _Maynard Morrison, Howie MacDonald "Lisa AAaclsaac, Allie Bennett, Richard Burke Gordie Sanofsson, Julie Martell, Tom Roach J Dave McKeough, Maura Lea Morykot I' With SpecialGuestsI J3'f''*''-''.'. WATCH FOR AUGUST DATES THE Cape Breioik. Sunnneriime DIRECTORS: Bette MacDonald & Maynard Morrison MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Gordie Sampson NOfASOOHIA. Car and Truck Rental Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation "A Community of Communities* PRODUCED FOR SUMMKTIME PRODUCTIONS SOCIETY BY RAVEBvlTB'TAINMENT & BROOKES DIAMOND PRODUCTIONS 83
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