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Page 93 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (177 reads)

Dr. William H. "Bull" Marsh. Bill received his honourary doctorate from University College of Cape Breton In 1996. world, that I've ever seen, that know how to live. They buy boats, they buy recreational vehicles, they buy rifles, they buy tents, they buy jeeps, and stuff for in the woods. They hunt, they fish. They do everything-- coal miners. You go any? where , and they're there ahead of you. They spend their money, you know. They spend their money. That's good for everybody. (And you would actually approach stores, businesses, and say....) Even Rotary clubs, all those places. I explained to ' them they should support us. I said, I "We're good community people. We built these communities. We're supporting these communities. We've spent all our money on these communities." I built up a credibil? ity for that. And they believed me. And we had to be respectable. And anywhere that I went, as long as I was part of the union, never was I seen with? out a shirt and tie and suit on. Never. Because--Marsh--that's coal miners. You're judged--they judged by me. And I behaved myself. Yeah, 25 years. They couldn't say I was drunk. They couldn't say I was run? ning around with other women. They couldn't say I was doing anything. Now that's blowing myself and everything, you know! They could never hurt me. I'll tell you another thing, too, though. See, I was tremendously popular. And the sports that I played--I wasn't very good at hockey. And still, when I came home out of the Navy, the first senior team they had in New Waterford, I was first string defenceman on it. And nobody even gave me an outside chance of making the team. But I was first string defenceman. I was a good ballplayer. I was catcher. That was easy for me. That's the only sport that came natural. I played football. I played basketball. I bowled. I fished salmon. I shot ducks and geese. I shot deer. I shot trap. I shot skeet. I trained dogs. I had the first retriever champion that ever came out of the Atlantic Provinces--I had him. I did everything. Everybody knew me. Everybody knew me, eh? And they knew my temperament, and they knew that they were going to get 100%. When I played, I played 100%. Even my enemies, they say, well, the s.o.b., if he gets elected, they're going to know he's there. You're going to get 100%. Consequently, I had people voting for me that didn't even like me. But they knew--particularly after I got elected-- they knew that they were getting good rep? resentation. That's what they wanted. And that's--look, people don't understand this. Look. They can teach you all the la? bour economics you want. They can take you to college and they can teach you to be the best debater that you want. But you get a guy like me, that's across the table from you--that couldn't care less for you, physically. And gets unreasonable. I wouldn't go by their rules--I'd have to be crazy. Some of them are in there with a Ph.D. or a doctorate. Now, you wouldn't believe how much those meetings were phys? ical. Physical. (Meetings with the compa? ny.) Yes. (Meeting with management.) Yes. Intimidation. Who can intimidate who. Chuckles. You wouldn't believe it. And they don't teach that in school, in labour economics. They don't teach guts. You know what I did? I wouldn't even tell this to anybody. I'd have a contract. And I'd deliberately delay it three months, for the right time to put it to the men so they'd--Number One, they'd vote for it. Number Two, the women would get the back pay. (The women would get the back pay-- what does that mean?) Well, every day that the men were working (without the con? tract) , the money was going in the bank County Line Pub & Eatery FEATURING * Nightly Entertainment ' Daily Homemade Specials ' *** Tte BsM Steaks 38' Towm ''* Open 11 AM to 2 AM • 7 Days a Week! 581 Grand Lake Road * "Where the Great Ceilidhs Happen!" [L.D[F'I Between PetroCan and Robin's Donuts
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