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Page 94 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (172 reads)

for them. It was retroactive. Which fol? lowed, until vacation. That's when they needed money--when they went on vacation. So, just before vacation, we'd have the vote and everything else. And we'd have it arranged for (them to) get the extra cheque for vacation! Well, I'd meet the women in the K-Mart or the Wooico. Bunch of goddarn kids, and dragging parcels and everything out, and a pocketful of money--once a year. Happiest people in the world. Spending every nickel of it. It was the women that used to get me ' elected, half the time. The women. See, the women have to pay the bills. Somebody comes knocking at the door, what's a man do--he runs and hides. Who has to go face the bill collector? The woman. Who used to call me up about the compensation cases? The woman. Who'd call me up when he was short a shift? The woman. Who's better educated than the man in 90% of the cases? The woman. Who looks after the money? The woman. Look, you know what--another thing that endeared me to the women--and I double- crossed the men: I'd get them paid by cheque. And the women would go out and get it out of the mailbox. And some of them, the first time they got it, they thought they had a sweepstakes ticket! Laughs. First time they saw the pay! So all the women'd run out to the mailbox. to get the cheque, when the fellow was work? ing. They'd sign it and go cash it! Look, the best thing that I ever did for them. The other thing, of course, is the check? off for the credit union. Talked to Harold Gordon--a rugged individualistically free entrepreneur. Doihanty was a credit union man, Delaney was a credit union man, Hig- gins was a credit union man. They said, "You'll never in God's world ever do that." I said, "I'm going to do that." There were guys coming to me and they wanted to build houses. They had no money. And they had no credit, with the banks-- they couldn't be trusted. So, I was telling this. I sat down. "Now, Mr. Gordon, you're always telling me they're your men as well as my men." He said, "That's right." I said, "Here's how you can help them." I explained it to him. I said, "Look. I've got men--they're not like you and I--they can't get into the bank." I said, "The bank only gives money to people that don't need it. That's a fact. If you need it, you can't get it. So," I said, "I'd like to get a check-off to the credit union. Then they can go ahead and they can build their houses. And they can check off so much money per week to the credit union. And then that gives them the backing and everything. And the credit un- ion is not gambling on it. See. It's coming The University College of Cape Breton Committed to community leadership and support in meeting the educational, cultural and economic development needs of our Island. Our newly expanded campus is a fulfilment of the conmiunity's vision for the University College. '' :| It is home to a new permanent Art Gallery, a greatly expanded Beaton Institute of Cape Breton Archives, a new Students' Union Centre and a State-of-the-art Hospitality and Tourism Centre. Congratulations to Cape Breton's Magazine - also a cultural institution - reflecting the lives of Cape Bretoners for 25 years. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON 94
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