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> Issue 73 > Page 103 - From Visits with Capt. Michael Tobin Coastal & Gulf Ferry Captain, Ret'd

Page 103 - From Visits with Capt. Michael Tobin Coastal & Gulf Ferry Captain, Ret'd

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (167 reads)

we lost people pretty well every spring. In the Newfoundland disaster, she came in with her hatches covered with dead bodies, fro? zen, all frozen where they picked them up. A sealer called the Newfoundland. She was out to the ice that spring. They got astray from the vessel. It came on a storm or something. When they got the bodies, they were all fro? zen, frozen together. She had her deck--her hatch--covered. Nora Tobin: But that was earlier. Capt. Tobin: Oh yes, a lot earlier. I think it was 1914. But each year there was somebody lost. I was going to write a story for The Down- homer (that's a magazine for Newfoundland? ers living away). That's when they were going to take the light, the horn, off of Jude Island. We left Argentia, there was ten or twelve policemen come aboard, we didn't know where they were going. And when we got to Great Paradise on our regular run, a mo- torboat come after, a large motorboat, and thirty-five carpenters. They all come aboard and we went on and we did our other ports until we got up to Little Harbour West, I think it was. And then, we went out to Jude Island. There was only a couple of people living there. Anyway, when we got out there, we anchored off about half a mile and we went ashore with the policemen in the boat. We didn't know what they were doing. When we got in the beach, here was the ladder going up to the lighthouse--God, maybe seventy or eighty feet--and there was three men in every step on the way up with loaded mus? kets. And one Sgt. Whalen got out of the boat in the beach and they called out to him to go back. Get back in the boat. "If you walk up over that beach, you'll have to be carried back." And he let go a blaze of fire come out towards us. I don't think they had bullets there, but the powder. Those big (muskets), you know, about five feet long. There was a streak of fire com? ing out in our direction. And they told him if he walked up over that beach he'd be shot. So, policemen didn't have guns. M'' y''- Lloyd IVlacDonald ' NISSAN Our 38TH Year 124 KINGS ROAD SYDNEY RIVER Toll Free 1-800-565-9427 20 CAR SHOWROOIVI The Leif Eiriksson (1966-76) in Sydney Harbour We never did, haven't got them today. So anyhow, he got back in the boat. And by this time there was about a hundred boats and dories and motorboats blocked us in and we couldn't get out. We were in this little cove under the lighthouse. What they were going to do--they were going to take the lighthouse down--or the horn down out of it--and put it on St. Jack's Island. And there was a couple of men--two of them were from my home--were drowned right there. There's a cross on the rock right under where we were landing. (At Jude Island.) Jude Island. And they told (the police) that; they said there's bodies drifting around there yet under those rocks. If the 1998 Pathfinder 4x4 NOW IN STOCK This is our worlipiace. Help us keep it safe. use caution . reduce your driving speed obey traffic and safety signs take your cues from the traffic control people These are sa|pl''ecautions for both ad crews. fti''ms'Bm Md PubHc WcK-ks
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