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> Issue 73 > Page 104 - From Visits with Capt. Michael Tobin Coastal & Gulf Ferry Captain, Ret'd

Page 104 - From Visits with Capt. Michael Tobin Coastal & Gulf Ferry Captain, Ret'd

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (143 reads)

horn was there (then) it wouldn't have happened. So anyhow, after a while we persuaded him that the police would go back to the ship and there would be no more trouble. They let us out. We rowed the policemen aboard and we went back to Paradise and landed the carpenters and landed the police and landed the skip --then went on our run. (So the horn was left.) The horn was left, it's there today. Now I was told that the father and son were there--and one other man--they were coming from St. John's for Christmas after buying their winter supplies. And they ran ashore. And they got on this rock where the (sea) beat up the little boat. But the son sat on the rock--there was only enough (space) at high water just to sit there-- and he held the father with one hand and he held the other man, Mr. Sparrow, with the other hand until both of them died. Then he let them go. He was rescued the next day and he went to the States after that and he never came back. I don't know what happened to him. He was the son. They got the father, they got his body--but they never got Mr. Sparrow. And he told him that day there that those bodies are drifting around there yet, that's why the cross is on the rock. That's where the yoing fellow sat when he held his. father till he died. (And he felt that if there'd been a horn....) Oh yes, they wouldn't have made in there, they'd hear it. And then they put the horn there after that. But now they wanted to take it out of (there) and bring it up to St. Jack's Is? land because there was people were moving '-' Gerry Clements ClBC There is nothing more personai..,. As a CIBC Investment Specialist, I am trained to help with your invest? ment planning and your will and es? tate planning. Please feel free to ask for me at any branch of CIBC. We'll meet and discuss your goals. SYDNEY 562-6420 SYDNEY RIVER 539-7782 GLACE BAY 849-3531 I work for You! off of Jude. (But the com? munity did not permit it.) No, they never allowed it. They told him that day. They stayed there, I think-- someone told me they stayed there a couple of days after we left to make sure there'd be nobody come back. Oh yes. There was no way they could ever get that horn out of it. You know, there'd be a war. (What about control of passengers?) Well, sometimes we had little problems. I had a good mate--he looked like John L. Sullivan. And if there were any problems, I'd send him down. They weren't supposed to stay in their cars, in case of fire, crossing. And sometimes they'd be drinking, and go down and get in the cars. And the watchman down there, he'd come up and tell me, "They won't get out for me." So I'd send the mate down to speak--well, they'd see him coming, you'd see them going! He'd get out quick. Sometimes you'd get a little trouble, you'd get into a fight with a fellow drinking or something, you had to go down to him, you know. But he'd quieten right down. I'd tell him I'd lock him up right away if he didn't stop it. (Did you have a place to lock him up aboard?) Oh yes, yes. So I never had much trouble that way with them. And I found people very nice. Sometimes-- especially American people who were trav? elling. Sometimes I'd go up on the bridge Cape Breton's ??KfiOM /Moll >Mcyflowerf • K Over 70 Stores & Services • Great... Service • Great... Selection • Great... Prices Mayflower Mall ... Where Winners Shop! 800 grand lake rd. sydney b1p6s9 /'CELEBRATINGN 18 YEARS of SERVING VCAPE BRETON'S/ NEEDS!
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