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> Issue 18 > Page 26 - "Permanencia" N. Sydney's Concrete Boat

Page 26 - "Permanencia" N. Sydney's Concrete Boat

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/12/1 (348 reads)

'Permanencia' CONTINUED FROM INSIDE FRONT COVER These photos are from an album put together by Ivan Bayley. While only snapshots. they do convey an idea of the work involved in constructing forms for the cement? She had left North Sydney on January 15 of that year, bound for Fortune Bay on her maiden voyage. On the way, she ran into a heavy storm, and while she had some damage it was considered slight. She was held up 10 days at Fortune Bay, waiting out the storm and apparently repairing the damage. She left there on a Sunday. A few hours later, she stranded on Platte Point, the southwest extremity of little Miquelon Is? land. The newspapers said that her engines were "incapable of giving her headway into the wind." She was registered at 500 tons, had about a 300-ton carrying capacity, and Where Better Service Costs No More l'4acLeod's RNA Baddeck Beautifully situated on Sydney Harbour Isle Royale hbtel Fully Liscensed Dining Room Coffee Shop 'Cable TV Lounge with Ni'tly Entertainment (902)564:5511 The Social Centre of Sydney OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND Cane ngeton's liagngls>e/26 with her Bolinger oil-burning engine had a speed of about 12 knots. The Permanencia was owned by W.N. MacDonald, H.C. Ballem, Finlay MacDonald, K.C, J.F. Miles, F.A. Young, and H. Elman. This was the Canadian Cement Ship Building Company. She was built at a cost of $75,000. W.L. Chyrgwin reported that a Mr. Gillard of Newfoundland served as her masterbuilder and C.T. Jones of Lloyd's of London was in charge. Dougie Matheson told us some of those who worked on her: his father, J.J. Matheson, Joseph Reid, Morgan Pike, Jack Now 208 Years Old ROBIN, JONES 8c WHITMAN, LIMITED Cheticaap 224'2022 Inverness 224 • 3125
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