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Page 27 - "Permanencia" N. Sydney's Concrete Boat

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/12/1 (339 reads)

Duncan, and Big Jim MacNeil. According to W.L. Chyrgwin, the original designs and specifications were made by Ivan Bayley of North Sydney. Concrete boats had been built in Europe and this was to be the first in Canada. Bayley took the de? signs to W.N. MacDonald. Elva Jackson has written that Len Cunningham of the Public Works Department prepared the final plans. According to Elva Jackson, the ship was laid in September, 1918 • but through a ser? ies of delays she wasn't launched until 8:05 A.M., Wednesday, May 19, 1920. The finished vessel measured 127 feet long, with a breadth of 27 feet and a depth of 12 feet 6. Chyrgwin: "She was made of re? inforced concrete • iron rods bent and in? tertwined • a wood frame built around the bent rods....The bottom of the ship up to the bilges*was poured first. Then the rest of the forms were put up and filled with cement. The bottom (first pour) was ki inches thick while the sides were k inches thick." Lloyd's Shipping tested her and passed her • A-1. The Permanencia was the last ship launched in North Sydney. Judge R.J. MacDonald said: "I was there when she was launched. It was a kind of a holiday and children were let out of school to see it. She was side- launched at Jackson's Wharf, behind Jack? son's Store • where Jenkin's Hardware is now. We all thought she'd go right to the bottom, but she floated." Left. Hector MacLeod, whose company handled the cement, and Right. Ivan Bayley. who made the original designs for the PERMANENCIA. For photos and information, our thanks to Katherine Davis. Sydney Mines; Capt. John Parker and Dougie Matheson. N. Sydney; and Staff of the Beaton Institute. CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA SYDNBT RIVbR • OIBN DAILY 'TIL 10 P, M. IDiinBIT nOKS A Division of the F?W?Woolworth Co* Limited r BUY WITH CONRDBVCE SATisncnoN GUAiuine Cape Breton • s Magazin'/a?
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