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> Issue 21 > Page 46 - A Milling Frolic on the North Shore

Page 46 - A Milling Frolic on the North Shore

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/12/1 (406 reads)

Tommy Peggy & John Alex John X. & trophy won by N. Shore Gaelic Singers in"~*"30s; Malcolm Angus MacLeod young & in recent years '30s. The group changed over the years. Some of them went away. Some of them passed on. Montana Dan • Dan J. Morrison • was one of the principal stars after he got back from Montana. The last number of years we've had Murdoch MacAskill and Alex Kerr from North River has been with us. But anyhow, that first time, we practised I guess for a whole month and a half. There was a milling board in the old barn I had at Breton Cove. Every evening the bunch of us would come down and practise different songs. So we had the exhibition. Oh, there was a huge crowd there. There were three judges. One of them was D. B. MacLeod. He was a great singer himself. Nancy Fairchild was another • she belonged to the Bells. I think the third one was Jonathan MacKinnon. They were presenting a big cup to the winners. So by god the judges awarded the cup to us • we won. I was supposed to be the captain of the bunch. There was no captain really. The stage was up where the old school was, near MacAulays', and we were starting off downtown • and there was a whole slew fol? lowing us. The lona and Washabuckt fellows were sore as the dickens. They concocted the idea that the reason we won was be? cause D. B. MacLeod was one of the judges. But we got it anyway. And we got it the next year. We had it pretty well as long as it was in existence. The North Shore Gaelic Singers at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. Left to ' '''~'' " '' MacLeod, Thomas A. (Tommy Pei ''' MacLeod, Dan J. (Montana dan right; Malcolm Angus MacLeod, Thomas A. (Tommy_Pe'') MacDonald, Sandy Kenny Morrison, "lorrison, Alex Kerr. It is Sunday, Dan K so instead o (Danny Kenny) waugj'uu, u . ' >f milling songs they are precenting Gaelic psalms.
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