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Page 47 - Advert: Record Offer: Gaelic Songs and Fiddle Music

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/12/1 (377 reads)

Record Offer: 'SS Music THE MUSK OF CAPE BRETON I I THE MUaCOFXAre MOSTOM | THE MUSIC OF CAPE BRETON Volume One: Gaelic Tradtion in Cape Breton Volume Two: Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle An important new two-record set called The Music of Cape Breton has been issued by Topic Records of London, England. The re? cords will be available in stores • but be? cause so many of our readers live far from stores that would ordinarily carry such a record, we have arranged to make it avail? able through Cape Breton's Magazine. See ordering instructions below. Volume One is "Gaelic Tradition in Cape Breton." It is an anthology of traditional Gaelic singing and instrumental music se? lected from recordings made in the spring and summer of 1976. Songs are sung by Alex Kerr, John Shaw, Neil MacLean and Murdo MacAskill (each leading with the North Shore Gaelic Singers). Malcolm Angus Mac? Leod and Tommy Peggy MacDonald each offer a song, as do Mrs. Rod MacLean and Lauch? ie MacLellan. There are instrumental se? lections featuring Joe Burke, Mike Mac? Dougall, Alex Francis MacKay and Alex MacNeil. The recording is valuable not only for the listening pleasure, but for the ac? companying booklet in which all the songs are transcribed in Gaelic and carefully translated into English. There is an essay about the songs and the survival of tradi? tional singing on Cape Breton. The booklet was prepared by John Shaw who, along with Rosemary Hutchison, recorded the material on these two albums. Voliime Two is called "Cape Breton Scot? tish Fiddle" and (along with accompanists) that is precisely what is offerred. You Excellent Accomodations the MARklANt) Dingwall, Victoria County (902) 383-2246 IN CHETICAMP STEDMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Open Monday through Thursday 9-5 Friday 9-9 and Saturday 9-5 will hear Theresa MacLellan, Mike Mac? Dougall, John Willie Campbell, Mary Mac? Donald, Alex Francis MacKay, John Neil MacLean, Dan Joe and George Maclnnis, and Joe MacLean. The notes for the booklet that comes with this record were prepared jointly by William Lamey, Fr. John Angus Rankin and John Shaw. The quality of the sound on both records is quite good. Rosemary and John set up special recording sessions. The sound is clear and close to the singers and play? ers. And in both cases the booklets help the listener focus on the context, the role the music played in Cape Breton lives that molded the music and in turn were molded by these tunes. The booklets for each record include photographs of all the singers and fiddlers. If you wish to order these records through Cape Breton's Magazine, simply write in? dicating whether you want Volume One or Two or both. The price is 7.00 for each record, 14.00 for the set. The records will come to you directly from Topic Re? cords in England. Please include 500 f'or postage for each record, or 1.00 air mail postage for each record. Be sure to in? clude your cheque or money order and write "t'o Cape Breton's Magazine, Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. 7b H/g/i Sctwoi students tiiinldng of tiie future Think of a future in Agricuiture The Nova Scotia Agricultural College is dedicated to helping young men and women prepare for a wide range of important occupations associated with food production, including related industries and management of our living environment. We offer technical courses: Agricultural Business Technician Agricultural Engineering Technician Animal Science Technician Farm Equipment Technician Plant Science Technician Biology Laboratory Technology Chemistry Laboratory Technology Farming Technology Ornarriental Horticulture Technology We offer university courses leading to: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (16 options) Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural Engineering Doctor of Veterinary Medicine For mora information contBCt Tho REGISTRAR, N.S. Agricultural Colloge, Truro, N.S. B2N 5E3 DttpartmentofAgricuttura A Marketing Hon.Gerald Sheehy,D.V.M.,Minister
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